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Blogs written by annika

Spotlight on.....Infection Control

Infection control is one of the key priorities for hospital staff, environmental health officers and healthcare professionals throughout the world. The demand for Infection Control courses has increased in recent years due to multi resistant organisms and contagious illness outbreaks such as MRSA, swine flu and Ebola highlighting the need for more effective infection control. What is it? Our MSc Infection Control online.... Read more

Annika McDonald 21st Sep 2018

Discovering the lifelong benefits you can embrace from your Journal Entries

It’s time for the second instalment from our guest blogger and business tutor David James. In this blog he looks at the importance of your Journal Entries and the benefits you can gain from them:   Hi Everyone, As September arrives and we head towards the end of the year, each of us has an opportunity to finish 2018 on.... Read more

Annika McDonald 07th Sep 2018

Our amazing 2018 students share their stories!

From refugee camps in Nigeria and hospitals in Sudan to the boardroom in Scarborough, our students have been making an impact in the world and they love to tell us their stories. Though hard work and study with us their lives have been changing for the better. So sit back and take a look at some of the amazing things.... Read more

Annika McDonald 31st Aug 2018

Introducing our Master of Education (M.Ed.) with Dr Desma Brown

Let’s take a closer look at one of our brand-new programmes starting in September 2018 - our Master of Education (M.Ed.). With this course you'll have the opportunity to learn to teach in new ways, beyond traditional UK higher education, while also sharing best practices and developing your knowledge alongside peers and fellow education professionals. And best of all, this.... Read more

Annika McDonald 24th Aug 2018

The role of a University of Essex Online tutor

Have you ever wondered what the role of an online tutor is? Our academic team here at University of Essex Online works hard to deliver the best quality teaching, but they also offer a wealth of support to our students. In his first blog for us, our Business tutor David James shares his experience as an online tutor: Hi Everyone..... Read more

Annika McDonald 03rd Aug 2018