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Blogs written by annika

Understanding the key skill of effective communication

Our online courses aren't just a fantastic way to learn a new subject. Did you know that you can also gain many skills you didn't expect to learn? Our programmes give you the opportunity to gain transferable skills along with your degree. These skills include time management, researching, organisation, problem solving plus many more. This week our Business tutor David.... Read more

Annika McDonald 15th Mar 2019

"I never thought I would enjoy studying so much!" - Marina talks to us about studying her LLB

It's International Women's Day and here at University of Essex Online we have some pretty inspirational ladies working and studying with us. From running their own business to following dreams and reaching goals we love to hear the fantastic reasons why our students love studying with us. So we wanted to share with you the amazing story from one of.... Read more

Annika McDonald 08th Mar 2019

Our academic team talk about why they love their subjects!

It's the season of love so we've got together our academic staff to find out exactly what it is about their subjects that makes them tick and why they think you should considering falling in love with those subjects too! So if you are buzzing about business, crazy about criminology, passionate about psychology or just in love with learning then.... Read more

Annika McDonald 14th Feb 2019

How to find your 'lightbulb moment' with business finance

Does the thought of balancing books give you the sweats? Do you worry about taking on that business finance module when maths wasn't your favourite subject at school? Well fear not because our Business tutor David James is here to explain why you don't need to be a mathematical genius to conquer finance in business:     David will be.... Read more

Annika McDonald 08th Feb 2019

9 self-care tips for online students

When you are studying it can be all too easy to get consumed by everything you have to juggle, especially if you are also working as many of our students are. So, it’s important to listen to your body and make sure you practice good self-care. Here are our top tips for looking after yourself while studying: Sleep Getting the.... Read more

Annika McDonald 25th Jan 2019