5 degree courses straight out of our dreams


13th Apr 2018


Just for fun

Here at University of Essex Online, we offer a range of subjects with incredibly practical applications.

We know our courses set up students for a good start working in a variety of fields including law, business and healthcare. But if we didn’t have to think about the big picture, here are some courses that we’d love to offer (or study ourselves)…


BA (Hons) Napping

Being awake is all well and good, but a course in getting some rest is surely much needed in this hectic world. Over the duration of the programme you’ll learn about different sleep positions, the couch vs the bed, and how many minutes can you nap for before you become groggy.


MSc Chocolate Tasting

It still blows our mind that there are people who get to eat chocolate for a living. Personally, we see this as a masters course – you need to know an awful lot about chocolate to be able to detect whether it’s 85% or 90% cocoa solids from just one sniff.


CertCE Netflix Auditing

You know when you sit down to watch Netflix, and just can’t decide what to put on? A short course in Netflix Auditing will not only enable you to pick the right film for yourself, but also advise your friends, family and strangers on the internet of the next thing they need to see.


BSc (Hons) Self Care

Self-care is an essential part of being a productive and happy student… So why not focus an entire degree course on it? Modules will include meditation, eating well and getting enough sleep. Sure, that sounds like a health degree… But the difference is it’s all focused on you!


MA Weekend Activities

Whether you’re into wild Saturday nights out, Sunday afternoon hikes or cosy Friday evenings in, a masters in weekend activities is sure to be a fun-packed course. The majority of the modules will be optional, but unfortunately the Getting Up On Monday module never is.


If you’ve got slightly more realistic dreams than us, download our prospectus to see all our available options. And if you’ve any great ideas for other dream degrees, feel free to share them with us!