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Which business pathway is right for me?

Here at University of Essex Online, we offer four distinct and exciting “MSc Business” pathways: MSc Business and Management, MSc Business with Finance, MSc Business with Human Resources and MSc Business with Marketing.

All of these programmes offer a unique opportunity to refine your skills in a key area of modern business. Not sure which pathway to follow? We advise you to consider the following…


Your future career plans

The biggest deciding factor when starting a postgraduate qualification is often how it will affect your career. Do you plan to enter into a financial role in the future? Or has a high-flying role in marketing always been your end goal?

Whatever your future plans are, our MSc Business pathways will help you to develop the skills and knowledge that you need. Every module is taught by an expert tutor with years of experience in their chosen field so you’ll have the perfect opportunity to improve your career prospects and earning potential with a mix of key skills that are directly transferable to the workplace.

It’s also important to remember that these pathways don’t limit your future career development (a role in human resources might still be open to you even if you choose our financial pathway); they just help you to focus certain specific skills.


Your interests

Your career is extremely important, but a postgraduate qualification is a big commitment and we would never advise you to enrol on a course that you don’t find interesting.

To discover the pathway that appeals to you most, we advise you to take a look at the course pages and see what inspires you. We hope you’ll find at least a few modules that will really motivate you to learn!

Our course pages

MSc Business and Management

MSc Business with Finance

MSc Business with Human Resources

MSc Business with Marketing


Advice from others

Your family and friends all want you to succeed, and are often a great source of advice. If you’re considering a business pathway, ask their opinion on the course they think will suit you. But remember, this is your decision, so don’t be afraid to choose your own path.

Colleagues and mentors are also an invaluable source of information and advice. Maybe they have already completed a similar postgraduate qualification? Or maybe they can give guidance on your future career prospects in a certain area? It’s always worth making the most of your workplace connections and reaching out.


Still not sure?

The great news is that you don’t have to decide before enrolling! The first level of all four pathways (the PG Cert Business and Management) is the same for all programmes. This means that you can complete the first few modules, and decide which MSc pathway to follow at a later date.

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Management offers an advanced, stand-alone qualification useful to graduates who wish to become effective leaders and managers.


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