CertHEs: we’re launching TEN new courses!


09th Nov 2018

It’s pretty rare that we launch more than three or four new courses at the same time. But today we’re excited to announce that we are launching CertHEs in each of our undergraduate subjects.

A CertHE, short for Certificate of Higher Education, is equivalent to the first year of a full-time Bachelors degree (120 credits of study). These online short courses are a great way to get a thorough insight into a field without signing up for four years of studying. With an indicative study duration of just 16 months, you can complete a CertHE in a fraction of the time and receive a comprehensive undergraduate-level qualification within the framework of higher education. And it’s possible to progress from a CertHE onto a full Bachelors degree in the relevant subject.

Our Open Entry Route means you don’t need any prior qualifications or work experience to start a course – you only need to pass your first assignment in order to continue with your studies.

So what are these new courses? You can check out our shiny new course pages for:

So if you’re looking for a high-quality course you can complete before the next Olympics, have a browse and work out which is right for you.