Commitment, convenience and the other Cs of online study


15th Aug 2019


Online study

Curious about the world of online education? Unsure what is expected of you?

Our Admissions Team has come up with the Cs of online education – starting with the most important one…


While there is a lot of flexibility built into the course – you can study whenever and wherever you want to – you will need to set aside 10-15 hours a week to studying. It is important to make sure you are committed to studying before you start, as there will be a lot of hard work ahead of you.



There’s no traveling to campus; you can learn in your own time and at your own pace.  Even submitting coursework is more convenient than on campus, as you simply need to upload it onto our virtual platform.


Course materials

As part of our online platform, you will have access to the all of the course materials you need, in the form of e-books. You’ll be able to do your own research and develop your ability to learn independently.



Rather than an instructor-led lecture, you will learn through virtual discussions with tutors and classmates, engaging with your subject on a deeper level.



You will have plenty of communication with your Student Adviser, who will support you throughout your studies. As part of the course you’ll get to speak to different students from all over the world, taking part in online discussions and learning from their own experiences and outlooks.


Critical thinking and creativity

The course will develop your skills in creative thinking and critical evaluation, allowing you to problem solve more easily. Online learning will contribute to self-direction and encourage a more creative way of approaching challenges within your workplace.



Through your computer you will access the online learning platform, and most of your contact with our staff will be through email or online forums. A desktop or laptop computer and a good internet connection is essential for online study.



Studying online is far more cost-effective than attending a campus-based university. You don’t need to pay for travel, relocation, course materials or examinations, and our fees are the same for both UK and international students.


Remember to keep the Cs in mind when studying with us if you want to succeed. Sound like your sort of thing? You can complete an application form here to start your journey today.