Happy New Year! Happy New You?


19th Dec 2019


Just for fun

It’s the start of a new year! Time to reflect on your 2019 accomplishments and what goals you’d like to set for 2020.

New Year’s resolution lists tend to include eating healthier, exercising more, spending less money and learning a new skill or hobby. These are all great goals to try and achieve, but how about doing something that could positively impact yourself and your career in the long-term?

We offer a wide range of 100% online and part-time degrees and short courses, specially designed to fit around busy work and family lifestyles. If you want to achieve a qualification before 2021 rolls around, then a Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) – which can be completed in just 8 months – is the perfect New Year’s resolution for you to commit to this year.

Whether you are already working in or would like to work in the fields of business, project management, law, criminology, health or education, we have many PG Cert courses to choose from that will help you to cultivate a new you. And if you discover that you love studying, you can use your PG Cert as a stepping stone to a Postgraduate Diploma or full Masters degree!


PG Cert Business Management

Want to gain essential business knowledge while keeping your future study options open? This course will introduce you to main principles and practices of contemporary management and organisational behaviour. In addition, you can choose optional modules to personalise your course to your interests and career aspirations. For instance, you could delve into the key marketing concepts or learn more about human resource management.


PG Cert Business and Management (Business Analytics)

Data is important as it helps you make informed decisions to ensure a business remains competitive. This course will give you an insight into key methods managers can use to analyse data and make logical decisions. You will explore core topics within management and analytics including, financial decision-making in the short and long term; theory of data and knowledge management;
and the applications of statistics in contemporary management. Through this course you will develop core skills that can be applied across a range of departments e.g. customer service or finance.


PG Cert Project Management

On this course you will learn the fundamentals of project management. You will gain an understanding of the complexities of modern business, the ability to effectively manage resources and confidence to succeed in project management. As well as developing your interpersonal and research skills, you will obtain knowledge on key topics such as: project management frameworks, methodology and techniques; the emerging role of management in managing projects; and general management and organisational theory and processes.


PG Cert International Trade and Commercial Law

Through this course you will gain specialist knowledge of commercial law and international trade. Knowledge of key components of international trade is useful in a range of roles, including management of a multi-national company and practicing law within an international firm. Specifically, you will explore the remit, procedures and operation of the World Trade Organisation; competition law and how it is implemented at a national and international level; and the main issues that arise in international sales of goods transactions. Many undergraduate law courses do not explore these topics. Therefore this course is an excellent way to further specialise and differentiate yourself in a crowded job market.


PG Cert Criminology and Criminal Psychology

This course will provide you with knowledge of advanced theoretical and professional practice in criminology. Whether you want to develop advanced policing skills and knowledge, or study applied forensic psychology, you can customise the course to suit your needs. You will be able to choose five optional modules covering topics such as: the sociological approach to crime, criminology and criminological theory; the role of forensic psychology in manging mentally disordered offenders; and the status of the victim throughout the criminal process.


PG Cert Infection Control

Does the world of infection control intrigue you? On this course you will gain an understanding of the world of microbiology. You will explore a broad range of topics including: the science of identifying and isolating pathogenic organisms to assist in the diagnosis, management and treatment of patients; the scientific concepts underpinning infection control and prevention; and the impact of infectious diseases and their control in a variety of settings. Through this course you will develop useful management strategies for patient care and how to prevent further spread of an infectious disease.


PG Cert International Healthcare Management

Are you seeking to further your career in healthcare? Through this course you will explore the world of global healthcare as well as a broad range of topics such as: the key issues and challenges facing senior management in today’s healthcare environments and the benefits of strategic management; practical leadership skills underpinned by a critical appreciation of leadership theory; and the concept of evidence-based management practice in healthcare environments. You will gain an understanding of leadership and management theory, challenges and practices. This course is a great first step you can take towards a leadership role.


PG Cert Nursing

This course is designed for practising nurses and health professionals who are keen to continue their professional development and take on new challenges within their field. You will investigate a broad range of topics including: the key issues and challenges facing senior management in today’s healthcare environments and the benefits of strategic management; practical leadership skills underpinned by a critical appreciation of leadership theory; and the concept of evidence-based management practice in healthcare environments. You will gain an understanding of modern healthcare principles, as well as key management and leadership styles.


PG Cert Public Health

Are you keen to better understand public health? On this course you will learn how to assess health needs, develop skills in priority setting and understand the theory and evidence of promoting public health. You will delve into a range of topics including: contemporary models and strategies to guide the design of effective health promotion activities; public health challenges of interest facing the global population; and process of and application of techniques for population health needs assessment. You will obtain a strong foundation to progress your career and take on new challenges.


PG Cert Education (Educational Practice)

Do you want to progress your career in teaching? This course will give you an understanding of theories of learning, philosophy and education. Throughout this course, you’ll learn about the fundamental principles of assessment and key issues in contemporary educational assessment practice; the theory and practice of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL); and pedagogical strategies. You will gain the key knowledge and skills for ongoing professional development, including critical reflection, research and enquiry, and participation in discourse with relevant communities of practice.


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All of us at University of Essex Online hope you have your very best year yet!