“Hard. Draining. Enjoyable. Fun. Challenging.”– Chantel on studying BA (Hons) Business and Management


09th Oct 2019

We caught up with Chantel Burrell-Harris on her graduation day and had a great chat with her about her online study experiences with us.

You can watch the video below or scroll on to find a transcript of our conversation.

What are the benefits of studying online?

The way in which the course is set out – because I’d already done the foundation course, I knew what to expect in regards to the modules and the pace of the degree. The tutors, the whole online atmosphere and community of it, are why I came back and finished what I started.


How did you find studying with University of Essex Online?

Hard. Draining. Enjoyable. Fun. Challenging. A lot of those types of words! All in all, it was the most fun I’ve had while under pressure, which is a very odd thing to say now. When I finished studying, I felt like I was cheating because I wasn’t studying anymore – I felt like I was doing something wrong! It took up a really large portion of my life, but I’m really glad that I’ve done it.


How are you going to use what you’ve learned in the future?

People keep asking me that! I’m still not 100% sure, besides flashing the whole BA Honours part, I’m still working on where I’m going. Facilities is where my passion is now, so I think I’ll move forward in that sort of field. I’m just really basking in the glory of accomplishing my goal.


Do you have advice for anyone thinking of studying with us?

It’s a great place to study –particularly if you’re doing the distance learning – the staff, the platform, everything works with you and you’re not fighting against it. I would highly recommend it to people.


How are you going to spend the rest of your graduation day?

With less alcohol! But yeah just a lot of “I’ve got a BA Honours”, “I’ve got a BA Honours”, “I’ve got a BA Honours” – that’s basically my remit for the rest of the day.


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