Have you heard of World Entrepreneurs’ Day?


19th Aug 2020


Business, News

World Entrepreneurs’ Day is celebrated each year across the world on 21 August. It is a day set aside to recognise the contribution of people who’ve aided in changing the world around them through innovative business ventures and revolutionary new product launches.

Today we want to show our support for the entrepreneurs of the world and highlight how our AMBA accredited MBA can help people to unlock their own entrepreneurial flair. This is a course that is regularly updated incorporating new theories and frameworks aimed at supporting people as they look to launch their future proof businesses.


Celebrating World Entrepreneurs’ Day

Since it’s inauguration in 2010, World Entrepreneurs’ Day has continued to grow in both size and significance with workshops and conferences occurring across the globe. Many international companies have now started to host their own events to highlight the value of entrepreneurship, the role of innovation within society and to pass on knowledge to the younger generation.

WED creates awareness of the value of entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation throughout the world. It celebrates those who have launched and grown their own business across a variety of sectors, working hard as founders, innovators, designers, producers and contractors. It also highlights the accomplishments of individual men and women who have developed technological and everyday simple solutions which have helped to change our lives.


Our MBA programme

At University of Essex Online we are passionate about supporting people in harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit. That is why we are excited to recognise, celebrate and support the achievements of entrepreneurs all over the world not just today but throughout the year as well. We believe that through studying our world-class online MBA students learn to harness the power of business, bringing about significant change for their careers and the companies they work for.

That is why we are proud to offer an AMBA accredited MBA: a course designed to nurture students helping them to develop the skills needed to lead in the modern business world. It is also a programme we are continually re-evaluating and modernising to ensure that the course content and structure is practically applicable. This helps to make sure that students graduate with a number of essential skills helping to set them up for success. It introduces students to modern entrepreneurial structures which focus on the formation and launch of new ventures and products or services. It also encourages students to develop their commercial acumen helping them to realise their ambition, overcome challenges and bring their products to life.

One of the newest modules which will soon be added to this programme outlines the variety of new frameworks which can be used to lead new innovative projects and enterprises. These are designed to be practically applied with an organisational setting, incorporating managerial theories of enterprise creation and development. You will learn about the practice of entrepreneurship, including three critical components: people, organisations and environments.

Download our MBA prospectus to learn more about this programme and take the first steps towards studying this aspirational degree!