“This course has been amazing, it has really changed my life and working practice” – Maria on studying MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology


08th Apr 2020

Maria Grecco was our Top Postgraduate Criminology Graduate winner 2019. We had great chat with her about her study experience.

You can watch the video below or scroll on to find a transcript of our conversation.


How does it feel to have won the Top Postgraduate Criminology Graduate Award?

Well I feel terribly proud! I work as a forensic psychiatrist in Argentina and this course has been amazing, it has really changed my life and my working practice. The teachers are excellent, my classmates were also really supportive and all the team at the University. All the people have been extremely kind to me. I really don’t feel like a foreign student, I feel like I have been studying here all my life and this is because of the University.


What are the benefits of studying online?

Well I couldn’t have done the course if it wasn’t online because I work in Buenos Aires. I would have moved of course, because I love England! It’s the third postgraduate course I have done in England. I did another one at Leicester University and at the University of Cardiff, and both of them were online. I have the experience of learning online and for me it’s absolutely essential; if I couldn’t have the opportunity to study online, I couldn’t do it because I work abroad and I cannot travel, so it’s extremely helpful.


How did you find studying with University of Essex Online?

First, the teachers had a more active relationship with you, they guided you through every steps. The Student Advisers were also extremely helpful, that doesn’t happen very often in other universities. And the material which is online on the platform is excellent, for example the access to the University’s library: to articles, to materials, to books which are online. Especially for me because in Argentina we do not have so much material and obviously it’s not in English; for me it was absolutely essential to have these resources. So that was something really worth valuing at the University, all these technical resources and human resources of course.


What was the most enjoyable part of your degree?

Well I enjoyed the forums, they were incredible, you learn a lot through the forums. I also had very detailed support and advice from my teachers. For example, essay writings and when I had to prepare my final thesis, I really felt very supported by all the team. I think that’s extremely helpful especially when you study abroad, and you are so far away.


How are you going to use what you’ve learned in the future?

Yes, I’m using it but this is something to improve my studies and to make my practice a little bit up to date.


Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of studying with us?

Well I think you have to go for it, yes definitely! It’s the best experience, and England is the best place to study abroad, I have tried and attempted to do it in other countries and it’s not so easy. Here things are very accessible and the teachers are the best. The team supports you and guides you throughout this journey that is complicated. It is full of obstacles but they really encourage you to get to the end. So you have to do it, especially here at Essex.

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