New course launch: MSc Futurism


01st Apr 2020


Just for fun

We are excited to announce a brand new course: MSc Futurism.

This course looks at how to better predict upcoming changes in the world, human society and the global economy. It has never been more important to have an accurate picture of what is on the horizon, and this specialist course will give you an impressive set of skills that you can deploy to start filling in next year’s calendar today!

The first module you study will be World of the Future, where you will explore key aspects of how governments and organisations around the world make predictions for future events. You will look into the key predictions for who will win future sporting events and media awards, as well as taking home the next day’s lottery numbers.

Later modules will delve into various other methods of telling the future, including divination, guessing and making it up. Your final project will involve you choosing a future event to conduct research into – for example, what the best April Fool’s prank of 2021 will be.

The careers that this degree could take you to are countless! Businesses will seek you out to predict their next big product, governmental organisations across the world will hire you to help create policies, and in the police service you’ll be able to foresee crimes before they happen.

The first application deadline for this course is 31 April. If you would like to find out more, get a prospectus.