Should you study online or on campus?


06th Jul 2018


Online study

Have you always wondered about studying online but you had a few worries? Are you interested in flexible learning but not sure if it will work for you? Well fear not, our Admissions team is here to give you a helping hand.

We know if you are used to studying within a classroom-based setting than you may be a little apprehensive – this is perfectly normal. However, studying online as opposed to face-to-face definitely has its perks. So here are my top five advantages of studying with University of Essex Online:


1. Flexibility

Studying online has more flexibility which means you can choose when you would like to study. We ask for 10-15 hours of study per module per week which can easily fit around any commitments you may have, such as work or childcare.  You don’t have to log in at a set time for the live session, and you can study and interact with your classmates at your own pace, such as via online discussion. Through achieving your online degree, you can gain knowledge and new skills that will help you go further in your career.


2. A good working environment

By studying online, you can choose your own environment to work in which will work best for you. You might pick your bedroom, the local café, at work or on the move. With online study, you don’t have to travel to campus-based classes in person and you’ll spend less time travelling on the bus. Why not take advantage of listening to the sound of a crackling fireplace or perhaps the birds tweeting in your local park without the worry of missing your next class.


3. You choose how to pay

We all know it can be scary thinking about how you will pay for a course. However, if you live in the UK you can take out at government-backed tuition fee loan. It may seem daunting applying for a student loan however our Admissions Team will take the stress away by helping you with your loan application. And if a loan is not suitable for you, or you live outside the UK then don’t worry! We have different payments options, so you can pay monthly, yearly or in full whichever is best for you. And if you pay yearly or in full we will give you a further 10% discount.


4. Gain responsibly and self-discipline

You’ll find that as you study you’ll gain more time management skills and more self-motivation.  You’ll spend more time on your own, without someone close to keep you focused, especially on those deadline dates. Learning these techniques is a great skill to have that will make you stand out in the workplace – and on your CV!


5. More university options

When thinking about online study, besides deciding what your interested in and career opportunities, we always recommend that you do your research on where to study. If you choose a campus course, your choice of location may also limit your choice of subjects. Studying online at your own pace means you no longer need to worry about the class location or relocation worries. By taking an online course, you can really focus on the subject you are interested in.


If you’d like to speak to a member of the Admissions team you can reach them here. Want to know more about our courses? Download our prospectus.