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Six short courses you can start next month

Online CertCE courses

NOTE: We no longer offer CertCE qualifications, but our new CertHE qualifications take 16 months to complete and are equivalent to the first level of undergraduate study. For more info click here.


With less than three months until Christmas, it’s easy to feel like the year is getting away from you – like time is running out. But there’s still plenty of time to embark on a new adventure this year.

If you’re looking for something to dedicate some time to, now the nights are getting longer and being outdoors is less appealing, why not look into a short online course? In just eight months, you’ll gain new skills, new knowledge and a new qualification that can set you on the road to a new career. What’s more,  once you complete them you have the option to progress onto a full Bachelors degree.

But what to study? Luckily for you, we have a few options…


CertCE Psychology

Our short course in psychology will explore the topics of personality and intelligence, social psychology and cognitive psychology. You’ll develop an understanding of the scientific and theoretical underpinnings of the discipline, as well as knowledge about its history and progression.

An understanding of psychology is incredibly useful in a range of fields, including counselling, civil service, healthcare, marketing, education and business. You can also go on to study a full degree in psychology.


CertCE Business Studies

Our short business course introduces you to the fundamentals of management, marketing and human resources. This course is ideal for those already working in a business role but looking to move up the ladder, or people who are looking to enter a management role in the future.

After completion, you can choose between our degrees in business and management or business and marketing.


CertCE Business Psychology

The curriculum combines the fields of business and psychology into a career-focused short course. The programme focuses on the human resources aspect of management, and also explores social and cognitive psychology.

You can progress onto our full business psychology degree afterwards, or go on to explore a career in a range of fields in psychology and management.


CertCE Law

If you’re looking to gain a footing in the legal world, our short law course is the answer. With modules that look into the English legal system and the realm of criminal law, this fascinating course will also develop your research, presentation and critical thinking skills.

After you finish, you can then progress onto any of our law pathways – the straight LLB (Hons) Law degree, or combining law with psychology, criminology or business. All of these degrees are Qualifying Law Degrees, which means they are the first step towards practising law professionally.


CertCE Criminology and Criminal Justice

The fascinating field of criminology will be at your fingertips with this programme that explores offender profiling, criminology and psychology. The broad range of topics will help you understand the rapidly changing criminal justice environment.

Those who wish to work in the criminal justice sector, in a role such as policing, probation, victim services or prisons, will find this course gives them an advantage, and you will also have the option to continue your studies with the full BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice.


CertCE Criminal Psychology

Combining the intriguing fields of criminology and psychology, this short course explores how the two disciplines interact. Modules look into both cognitive and social psychology, as well as offender profiling.

The course will help you develop a range of career-related skills that will help you succeed in fields such as criminal justice, marketing, research and youth services. You can also go on to study for a full BSc (Hons) Criminal Psychology degree, if you wish.


How to get started

This is the best bit – there are no entry requirements for our CertCE courses. We believe education should be accessible for everyone. All you need to do is pass your first assignment within the first three weeks of the course. You can also leave the course anytime within your first 21 days if you decide it isn’t right for you.

So if we’ve piqued your interest, go and download a prospectus. We look forward to exploring a new field with you.