Spotlight on… our Admissions team


13th Nov 2015


Online study


Starting a part-time, online degree course can sometimes be an overwhelming and stressful experience; future students quickly discover that there’s a huge amount of information out there, lots of decisions to make and paperwork to complete.

Luckily for those carrying out this process with University of Essex Online, our dedicated Admissions team are here to guide every single student and make this experience as simple and painless as possible.


Starting the journey…

Every one of our students starts their online learning journey with research into their course and their chosen university.

For University of Essex Online students, this usually involves reading a few pages on our site or downloading our prospectus. Although this is a great start, many students have a few niggling questions or just want to speak to another human being to reassure them that they fully understand the information and commitments.

This is when they start their journey with our dedicated Admissions team.


Getting in touch

Our Admissions team are always* ready to answer your questions and no question is too big, too small or too silly.

They’re contactable via emailphone and LiveChat and everyone that gets in touch is automatically assigned a personal Admissions Adviser who will guide them through the entire enrolment process, from their first enquiry to their first lecture.

Your Adviser will be able to give you further information about any aspect of a course you’re uncertain about, whether you’re worried about the cost, your ability, module details or anything else.

* well, not always, we do let them go home and sleep. Check our opening hours here.


Getting started

After you’ve decided on your course and level, your Admissions Adviser will ask you to complete our online application form.

The team will never pressure you into applying for a course, and they’ll be able to assess your previous experience and qualifications to check that you’re applying for the right level and programme.

From there, your Adviser will work with our internal Academic team to process your application, reviewing your personal statement and documentation.


The next steps

You’re now well into the process, and it’s time for your student interview. But don’t worry, you don’t need to dust off your suit and practise your sales pitch, this is just an informal chat over the phone.

The interview helps your Adviser to assess your commitment to the course, and to check certain key things like your ability on a computer and why you’ve chosen this course.

If all is well, after the interview you’ll be formally offered a place on the course and you’ll be onto the home stretch.

We only make offers to applicants for whom online learning will be the right choice. Like our Admissions Adviser Debra always says, she’s in the business of getting graduates off courses, rather than students onto them!


Money, money, money

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, or a free online degree. But this is another area where your dedicated Admissions Adviser will be able to help you.

They’ll schedule another phone-call, and guide you through the loan application process (if you live in England you might be able to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate loan with Student Finance England) or they’ll help you set up your monthly or annual payment plan.


Passing the baton

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and the day will come when it’s time to start your course. In the weeks and days before your first lecture or discussion, your Adviser will still be available to answer any last-minute questions or to resolve any eleventh-hour issues.

And even when it’s time to move on, at University of Essex Online you’ll never be left in the lurch; you’ll be passed straight from your personal Admissions Adviser to a Student Adviser from your dedicated Student Support team.


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