Why a CPD Microcredential could work for you


09th Mar 2023


The working world is rapidly evolving. In the last few years, employees have had to adapt and embrace upcoming trends to keep their workplace skills relevant. In this blog post, we share why it’s worthwhile to invest in your continuous professional development to stay ahead of the curve. 

What is CPD and why is it important? 

CPD stands for ‘continuous professional development’ and in a recent CPD Research Project survey, 92% of individuals believed CPD helped them in their career and made them more employable. That’s where our CPD microcredential modules come in. You’ll gain a recognised qualification in as little as 13 weeks, in addition to 20 academic credits at postgraduate level upon completion. So, you can sharpen your CV and enhance your career prospects in just a few short weeks! 

Flexible courses to fit around your commitments  

At the University of Essex Online, our courses are delivered 100% online and part-time, so there’s no requirement to take a career break. Our CPD microcredential modules provide flexibility and diversity across different learning platforms. Plus, we offer lecturecasts, discussion forums and a purpose-built virtual learning environment (VLE), meaning everyone can work at their desired pace.  

Boost your knowledge across a range of areas 

With options available in Business, Computing and Health, there are plenty of avenues to take your career to the next level.   

Business modules  

Computing modules  

Health modules  

Taking your career to new heights with a CPD Microcredential 

Designed with employability in mind, CPD microcredential modules help you refresh your skillset in your current career or a role you wish to excel in. Taking the initiative to invest in your future will help ensure you have a competitive edge. Alternatively, you may wish to use your new qualification to advance on to postgraduate education.  

 So, the question is, are you ready to reach your full potential?   

If the answer is yes, find the CPD Microcredential for you to get ahead in your career.    



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