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Test your Christmas knowledge!

Think you know your baubles from your Brussel sprouts? It’s time for our University of Essex Online Christmas quiz! Gather all your friends and family to test your knowledge at this magical time of the year. Our quiz includes fun questions that relate to the subject areas covered in our online courses. And you‘ll get all the answers after you.... Read more

Annika McDonald 22nd Dec 2017

Test your MBA knowledge

An MBA qualification is a world-recognised qualification, and a great way to boost your career and salary expectations. Are you considering starting an MBA course? Test your knowledge of this exciting programme... Online Form - University of Essex Online - MBA quiz HTML Form Generator Read more

Caroline Bluemel 20th Oct 2017

How much do you know about online and part-time learning?

  Considering online and part-time study? There's a lot to learn about this exciting and pioneering way of achieving an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Take our quiz to test your knowledge and discover more... Online Form - University of Essex Online - How much do you know quiz Online Form Maker   Read more

Caroline Bluemel 16th Jun 2017

Quiz: Celebrities with online degrees

Considering online study? You'll be in good company; a host of actors, directors and musicians have also achieved qualifications by distance or online learning. Take our quiz to discover which stars have studied online (and which haven't!). It's time to test your celebrity knowledge... which of the following people made the awesome decision to study online? Online Form - University of.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 24th Mar 2016

University of Essex Online Christmas quiz

It's that time of year when families and friends get out the board games and puzzles and compete to see who knows the most about sport, celebrities and general trivia. Here at University of Essex Online we know that our students are a competitive bunch, so we've devised a fiendishly tricky quiz for you all... Online Form - University of.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 17th Dec 2015