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Go green with an online degree

It’s never been more important to consider the environmental effects of our actions. Businesses across the world are starting eco-friendly initiatives, governments are putting policies into place, and individuals are increasingly concerned with the impact their decisions have on the environment. If you’re considering a greener way to gain a new qualification, a campus-based degree might not be the best.... Read more

Becky Ladley 03rd May 2019

Online vs Offline – which is right for you

When considering studying, one of the big questions is whether you want to study offline – in person – or online. There’s a massive number of differences between the two modes of study, and while they both offer a lot of opportunities, chances are one will fit your situation better. Here we compare the two so you can make the.... Read more

Becky Ladley 18th Apr 2019

The Induction Process Explained

Starting a new course is a fantastic adventure... but still one that you might be a little nervous about if it's your first degree or it's been a while since you were in education. So following on from our popular blog post about what to expect when applying to University of Essex Online, our Student Advisers Naomi and Christina have.... Read more

Becky Ladley 04th Apr 2019

"I never thought I would enjoy studying so much!" - Marina talks to us about studying her LLB

It's International Women's Day and here at University of Essex Online we have some pretty inspirational ladies working and studying with us. From running their own business to following dreams and reaching goals we love to hear the fantastic reasons why our students love studying with us. So we wanted to share with you the amazing story from one of.... Read more

Annika McDonald 08th Mar 2019

Our academic team talk about why they love their subjects!

It's the season of love so we've got together our academic staff to find out exactly what it is about their subjects that makes them tick and why they think you should considering falling in love with those subjects too! So if you are buzzing about business, crazy about criminology, passionate about psychology or just in love with learning then.... Read more

Annika McDonald 14th Feb 2019

9 reasons to fall in love with studying online in 2019

Are you interested in learning a new skill? Perhaps you fancy taking on a degree but not sure if it will work for you? From realising your career aspirations to making global contacts there are many things to love about online learning. If you've never tried it before, you may be a bit wary, but there are lots of fantastic.... Read more

Becky Ladley 04th Jan 2019

Our best blogs of 2018!

It’s been a busy 12 months here at University of Essex Online and our bloggers have been hard at work capturing every moment of it. So, grab a drink, sit back and join us as we take a look at some of our favourite blogs from 2018….… Our students shared their stories Let’s start with our amazing students. From refugee.... Read more

Annika McDonald 21st Dec 2018

The Admissions Process Explained

How long the Admissions process lasts from the very start through to enrolment can vary vastly (from days to months) - and the person most in control of this timeframe is you as a prospective student! It may be that you’re considering your potential options for the future, that you want to get your studies organised to start in a.... Read more

Becky Ladley 16th Nov 2018

A day in the life of a University of Essex Online tutor

Would you get up at 4am for a job you love? Because that is exactly what guest blogger and business tutor David James does! In this vlog he shares what a day in the life of a University of Essex Online tutor is like:      David will be returning with another vlog in December! Want to know more.... Read more

Annika McDonald 02nd Nov 2018

The role of a University of Essex Online tutor

Have you ever wondered what the role of an online tutor is? Our academic team here at University of Essex Online works hard to deliver the best quality teaching, but they also offer a wealth of support to our students. In his first blog for us, our Business tutor David James shares his experience as an online tutor: Hi Everyone..... Read more

Annika McDonald 03rd Aug 2018

How studying online helped Julie land her dream role as a CEO

When Julie,36 from Scarborough, started studying her MSc in Business and Management she had no idea where it would take her. Having grown in confidence through learning new skills she decided to apply for a chief executive officer role… and she got it. We caught up with Julie to find out about her first few weeks in her new job:.... Read more

Annika McDonald 08th Jun 2018

How to Involve Your Family in Your Studies

Many of our students choose to study with us because of the flexibility and convenience offered by online study. Studying remotely means you can easily fit your education around your existing family and work commitments. Here are some of our top tips for making sure you involve your family while you study with us: 1. Put it on the family.... Read more

Annika McDonald 04th May 2018

International Women's Day - Meet our inspirational students!

"You are smart, capable, and strong. Repeat that to yourself as many times as you need to per day until you believe it."    Erin, 28, from Bermuda is studying for an MBA. She and her business partner have opened their own sports centre in Bermuda hosting the first full-sized boxing ring in the country! Tell us a bit about.... Read more

Annika McDonald 08th Mar 2018

7 reasons why we love online learning!

There are many things to love about online learning, from improving your career aspirations to meeting new friends. Here are our top 7 reasons why you should fall in love with online learning: 1. Location, location, location One of the great things about online learning is that you can do it anywhere you like, at home, abroad, on a beach….as.... Read more

Annika McDonald 09th Feb 2018

Beat those blues with online learning

Feeling a bit low? Want to do something productive but don't know where to start? Fear not, there's something you can do to boost your self-esteem! Our Head of Psychology, Sarah Thurgood, gives her top five reasons why studying online can not only get you ahead in your career, but it can also improve your health and wellbeing.   A.... Read more

Annika McDonald 14th Jan 2018

8 reasons why our short courses could be the answer to your study worries

With working hours getting longer and personal time getting shorter, committing to studying for a four-year degree can seem like a tough choice. But did you know that we have qualifications you can gain in less than a year? If you want to try online learning but don’t have the time to commit to years of studying, then our short.... Read more

Annika McDonald 08th Dec 2017

Meet our Student Support team

Our Student Support team are here for you! As a University of Essex Online student, your dedicated Student Adviser is your mentor and first point of contact throughout your course. Want to learn more about the team (and pick up a few top tips)? Read on…   Matt Tamplin - Head of Student Support Recommended book: ‘The Five People You.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 17th Nov 2017

Attend our "Virtual Open Day"

Take a "tour" of University of Essex Online, and learn about our tutors, testimonials, courses and more!   Read more

Caroline Bluemel 27th Oct 2017

Our students' inspirational stories

Here at University of Essex Online, we think that every one of our students is inspirational. Completing a degree online and part-time is never easy, but some of our 2017 graduates have also had to overcome huge obstacles including family tragedies, health problems and more throughout their study journeys. We would like to share some of these stories with you. We hope.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 17th Aug 2017

Studying online with University of Essex Online

   In this interview, Head of Learning Technology Stephen Livesey ...talks about online learning and the technology we use to deliver ...our degree courses online.   What is a virtual learning environment? The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is the platform we use to deliver all the resources a student will need to successfully complete their online programme. Students use the.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 02nd Jun 2017

Try our virtual learning environment!

Not sure how online study works? Want an opportunity to 'try before you buy'? We have the solution... We're giving you the unique opportunity to try our online learning environment and experience life as a University of Essex Online student. We've created a sample of our module "An Introduction to Operations Management", which is free for you to interact with. Just click the.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 19th May 2017

Do you have the right personality for online learning?

Do you have a flair for organisation? Or are you always rushing around at the last minute? Do you love reading and writing? Or can you think of nothing worse? Take our personality quiz and find out if you're suited for online learning (or not!)... Online Form - Personality Quiz HTML Form Creator Read more

Caroline Bluemel 14th Apr 2017

“Do you get a ‘real’ degree?” and 5 other common concerns about online learning

If you’ve never studied online before, it’s only natural to be cautious about the quality and authenticity of this new experience. Here at University of Essex Online, we’re used to hearing these fears from potential students and we’d like to reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about. Here are our responses to the most common concerns students have about.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 10th Mar 2017

17 quotes to inspire you in 2017

We all need a little inspiration every now and again. And with the new year being the perfect time to start considering studying online, here are 17 powerful quotes* about education...   1.  Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. George Washington Carver 2.  An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin 3.  Education.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 06th Jan 2017

Online vs. offline: What's the difference?

There are all kinds of misconceptions and confusion about the world of online learning. This week's blog helps to dispel some of the myths... scroll over the images below to discover the key differences between online and offline learning. The classroom     With technology allowing us to communicate and work almost anywhere these days, there’s no need to restrict learning.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 08th Dec 2016

Five ways education can improve your confidence

Confident people are often highly successful in both their work and personal lives. However, if you’re not one of the lucky ones born with high levels of confidence, there are ways to boost your self-esteem. We might be a little biased, but we think that education and online learning are great ways to do this. Here are five ways education.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 02nd Dec 2016

Are University of Essex Online degrees recognised?

A common concern for those researching an online course or degree is whether or not the qualification is ‘real’. With the internet flooded with so-called ‘diploma mills’ and the illegal market for fake certifications, it’s not surprising that potential students are still often wary of online courses. This confusion is also made worse by the rise and then decline in.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 14th Oct 2016

The advantages of being a mature student

If you’ve been away from education for a few years, it’s quite natural to worry that you’ll struggle to cope. However, there are actually plenty of advantages to having a few years (or even a few decades!) of experience…   You have a career plan Mature students often have a clearer idea of what they want to study. Taking time.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 09th Sep 2016

How do online degrees work?

This week we’re taking it back to basics with an overview of online degrees. Although distance learning has been around for over a hundred years, online degrees are still a mystery to many people. However, the latest research1 shows that this flexible method of study has actually experienced a 263% increase over the last 12 years. So how do online.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 12th Aug 2016

Is my degree “value for money”?

Are you trying to work out whether a degree from University of Essex Online is ‘worth it’? The definition of ‘good value’ or ‘value for money’ varies according to each individual, but the objective description is “a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged”1. It’s easy to calculate the value of a material purchase like.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 17th Jun 2016

What’s the difference between online and distance learning?

You’ll often find that terms like ‘online learning’ and ‘distance learning’* are used interchangeably by many universities and online resources. But there are actually some very significant differences that can dramatically change the way that each course is taught and what a student can expect to get out of it. Here’s our guide to the two course types…   * Because.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 12th Feb 2016

Am I too old to study for a degree?

It can sometimes seem like university study is only for 18-year-olds — fresh out of school and constantly plugged into the latest devices — but that really isn’t the case. Education has enormous personal and career benefits for people of any age, and universities these days have an atmosphere of exclusivity towards everyone. Here at University of Essex Online, our.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 22nd Jan 2016

Spotlight on… our Admissions team

Starting a part-time, online degree course can sometimes be an overwhelming and stressful experience; future students quickly discover that there’s a huge amount of information out there, lots of decisions to make and paperwork to complete. Luckily for those carrying out this process with University of Essex Online, our dedicated Admissions team are here to guide every single student and.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 13th Nov 2015

15 awesome transferable skills you learn through studying part-time

When you’re studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification you quickly become an expert in your chosen subject. But whatever course you choose to study, you’ll also find that you develop a wealth of transferable skills. These oft-forgotten ‘bonus’ skills make you a better student while you’re still studying, and equip you for work in almost any industry or profession..... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 06th Nov 2015

Spotlight on…Student support

Despite the headlines that more and more UK students are dissatisfied with the level of student support they receive1, here at University of Essex Online we received our highest-ever National Student Survey result in 2015. So what is it that sets us apart from other universities? Here’s how we are providing our students with greater help and thus a higher-quality.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 28th Aug 2015