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"I never thought I would enjoy studying so much!" - Marina talks to us about studying her LLB

It's International Women's Day and here at University of Essex Online we have some pretty inspirational ladies working and studying with us. From running their own business to following dreams and reaching goals we love to hear the fantastic reasons why our students love studying with us. So we wanted to share with you the amazing story from one of.... Read more

Annika McDonald 08th Mar 2019

Can I get a degree while working full time?

This is a question we hear a lot, and the short answer is… absolutely! Online degrees are, in many ways, totally different to campus-based degrees. They can be completed in your free time, and from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This means you can fit them in on your lunch break, during your commute, or on evenings.... Read more

Becky Ladley 14th Dec 2018

Student Gail tells us about studying whilst in the British Army

Students can often find it challenging juggling a social life, work commitments and studying, but imagine adding serving in the armed forces on top of that. Well that's exactly what Lance Corporal Gail Ronson does. She is currently serving in the British Army as part of the Corps of Army Music and on the media team, she is also studying Criminology.... Read more

Annika McDonald 23rd Nov 2018

"It’s never too late to follow your passions" - law student Adam tells us about his journey!

Hi, I am Adam, 27, from Gloucester, England and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my time studying Law at the University of Essex Online. At my age I am considered a mature student and the first thing I want to say is it’s never too late to follow your passions. I have always had a.... Read more

Annika McDonald 12th Oct 2018

Our amazing 2018 students share their stories!

From refugee camps in Nigeria and hospitals in Sudan to the boardroom in Scarborough, our students have been making an impact in the world and they love to tell us their stories. Though hard work and study with us their lives have been changing for the better. So sit back and take a look at some of the amazing things.... Read more

Annika McDonald 31st Aug 2018

Graduation 2018 - Awards presentation and the life of a Student Support Adviser!

Graduation day is a memorable and enjoyable day for many of our students but it's also an exciting day for our Student Support team. They get to see the students graduate who they have helped through the good times and bad. It's also often the first time our Student Support Advisers get to meet their students face-to-face. Our Student Support.... Read more

Annika McDonald 27th Jul 2018

Graduation Day 2018

It was a beautiful sunny day at the University of Essex as everyone gathered for the 2018 Graduation Day. The day was filled with laughter and celebration as 125 of our online students made the trip over to collect their hard-earned certificates and celebrate with their friends and families. It was a busy day for our students as they arrived.... Read more

Annika McDonald 20th Jul 2018

How studying online helped Julie land her dream role as a CEO

When Julie,36 from Scarborough, started studying her MSc in Business and Management she had no idea where it would take her. Having grown in confidence through learning new skills she decided to apply for a chief executive officer role… and she got it. We caught up with Julie to find out about her first few weeks in her new job:.... Read more

Annika McDonald 08th Jun 2018

Our criminology students share why they love studying online

Does the study of criminal behaviour captivate your curiosity? Do the individual and societal impacts of crime sound like something you want to know more about? In short, are you fascinated by the field of criminology, but yet to take the plunge into enrolling onto a course? Well you are in luck, because our current criminology students are here to.... Read more

Annika McDonald 25th May 2018

"Failure was not an option for me" - Master of Public Health student Obinna's story

For one Master of Public Health student, studying hasn't just been a hobby: it's literally been a matter of life and death, as he tells University of Essex Online. It's was back in 2016 that Dr Obinna Orjingene from Nigeria first realised he wanted to study Public Health. "I was part of a medical team that supported Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors.... Read more

Annika McDonald 11th May 2018

International Women's Day - Meet our inspirational students!

"You are smart, capable, and strong. Repeat that to yourself as many times as you need to per day until you believe it."    Erin, 28, from Bermuda is studying for an MBA. She and her business partner have opened their own sports centre in Bermuda hosting the first full-sized boxing ring in the country! Tell us a bit about.... Read more

Annika McDonald 08th Mar 2018

"My son's future will be bright" - How one mum is juggling parenthood and online study!

As a parent you probably feel like you never have a moment to yourself. But having children shouldn’t stop you achieving something amazing in 2018. Did you know we have lots of students who choose to study online whilst juggling parenthood and a job? Yes, we think they must be superheroes too! One of those students is Jenny* a single.... Read more

Annika McDonald 05th Jan 2018

Our students' inspirational stories

Here at University of Essex Online, we think that every one of our students is inspirational. Completing a degree online and part-time is never easy, but some of our 2017 graduates have also had to overcome huge obstacles including family tragedies, health problems and more throughout their study journeys. We would like to share some of these stories with you. We hope.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 17th Aug 2017

Graduation 2017 - Awards presentation and interviews

Every single one of our graduates has achieved something incredible by studying online for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. We take our hats off to you! But on our annual graduation day, we also like to recognise those who have taken their studies to the next level and done something truly inspirational. Our University of Essex Online prizes are awarded to the top.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 31st Jul 2017

Top Undergraduate Business Graduate 2016 - Matt Clifton Interview

Matt Clifton and Head of Undergraduate Business, Katy Lever Here at University of Essex Online we always look forward to graduation day as it's our chance to meet our students and present our annual awards and prizes. And this year was no exception; a number of our students won awards, including the person we're interviewing today - Matt Clifton. Matt recently.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 25th Jul 2016

Alan Jenkins Memorial Award 2016 - Aisha Legge Interview

This prestigious award was newly-created for 2016 and is named after Alan Jenkins, our Managing Director who sadly passed away in 2015. It is a tribute to the values that he held dear, and is to be awarded every year to the graduate we believe has the most inspirational study experience story. The prize-winner may have struggled through difficult personal circumstances to complete their course,.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 22nd Jul 2016

Interview with Criminology student and Special Constable, Jamie Heslop

Overcoming everyday obstacles like family and work obligations to commit to online study isn’t easy, and it only gets harder when you work in a physically and mentally demanding job like the police force. So how do our students do it? We caught up with one of our Criminology and Criminal Justice students, Jamie Heslop, a Special Constable, to ask.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 20th Nov 2015

News: Inspirational students scoop university’s top prizes

University of Essex Online presents its prestigious annual awards at each graduation ceremony. This year, Davina Atterbury is the deserving winner of the Inspirational Student of the Year award, and Emma Blaker takes home the prize for Career Student of the Year. Davina, 38, from Birmingham, describes the moment she realised she wanted to change her life, “One night after.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 21st Jul 2015