Growing up in Nigeria, I always wanted to have a University education.

I would sometimes go to school, walking several miles with no food, but didn’t achieve any GCSEs.

After moving to the UK, I enrolled at a Business School before eventually gaining admission to the University of Essex Online Business and Management Top-up degree.

I graduated in 2014 and achieving a degree is a dream come true; I am the first person in my family to hold a degree! The course has also inspired me to become an entrepreneur and I have started developing my own products. The learnings from the course will come in very useful for building my own business.

Katie Mitchell

I joined the Army at sixteen years old having only taken the three GCSEs that I needed for my chosen trade. I am currently a Sergeant within the Royal Signals.

Jamie Wakeman

I started my studies in 2012 and all was going smoothly in my career and with my education until 2015, when I discovered that I had a tumour.

Aisha Legge

It was vital to me to set a good example to my kids, raising them as a single mum working full time I wanted them to see you are never too old to finish your education.