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eBooks and education

eBooks are the subject of much misinformation, seen by some as an attempt to replace centuries of simplicity and tradition with a new and overly-complicated electronic device. However, with their multiple features designed specifically for research and study, eBooks are actually one of the most undervalued pieces of technology available to students today. Our handy infographic shows just some of….

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Caroline Bluemel 10th Jul 2015

News: The results are in… University of Essex Online graduates are ahead of the curve

University of Essex Online graduates are much more likely to be in work or doing further study compared to the national average. The highly-influential Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE) contacts graduates six months after qualifying from their higher education course, and aims to determine what type of employment or further study they are engaged in. The results….

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Caroline Bluemel 09th Jul 2015

News: University of Essex Online launches LLB (Hons) Law

University of Essex Online announces the launch of a new LLB (Hons) Law programme, a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD). The course is approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standard Board and is the first step for students considering practising law professionally as a solicitor or barrister. The course is also available for students from common law countries….

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Caroline Bluemel 07th Jul 2015

What is the difference between an MBA and MSc in Business?

An MBA and MSc are both ‘Masters’ level qualifications which are granted to students who have demonstrated a high-level of knowledge in their field of study, but despite the name, don’t necessarily involve administration or science.  Although both awards are postgraduate courses, there are differences between them in terms of eligibility, focus and personal development. If you are interested in….

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Caroline Bluemel 03rd Jul 2015

Graduation 2014

Graduation is always a special day and this year was no exception. Here’s our review of the big day… What a day! Last week, Wednesday 16 July, we joined our students on the University of Essex Colchester Campus for our 2014 graduation ceremony. The campus was buzzing with students from 8am and at 10am we filed into the Ivor Crewe….

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Caroline Bluemel 23rd Jul 2014

Graduation 2013

We were thrilled to congratulate all of our students who graduated in a magnificent ceremony at the University of Essex, Colchester Campus on Friday 19 July 2013. Students from the University of Essex Online courses were joined by their families and friends to attend the graduation ceremony which was held at 10am. There was a fantastic buzz on the Campus….

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Caroline Bluemel 29th Jul 2013