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Our academic team talk about why they love their subjects!

It’s the season of love so we’ve got together our academic staff to find out exactly what it is about their subjects that makes them tick and why they think you should considering falling in love with those subjects too! So if you are buzzing about business, crazy about criminology, passionate about psychology or just in love with learning then….

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Annika McDonald 14th Feb 2019

How to find your 'lightbulb moment' with business finance

Does the thought of balancing books give you the sweats? Do you worry about taking on that business finance module when maths wasn’t your favourite subject at school? Well fear not because our Business tutor David James is here to explain why you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to conquer finance in business:     David will be….

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Annika McDonald 08th Feb 2019

The average saving of being an online student

Studying online is an incredibly cost-effective way to study. Our online degrees are competitively priced… but that’s not the only reason why they’re good value. You’ll also reap the benefits of online study in a number of other ways during your time with us.   Reduced fees and no hidden charges Many UK universities charge tens of thousands of pounds….

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Becky Ladley 01st Feb 2019

9 self-care tips for online students

When you are studying it can be all too easy to get consumed by everything you have to juggle, especially if you are also working as many of our students are. So, it’s important to listen to your body and make sure you practice good self-care. Here are our top tips for looking after yourself while studying: Sleep Getting the….

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Annika McDonald 25th Jan 2019

Six places you can study an online course

One of our students’ favourite things about studying with us is the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you please. So here are six spots you can settle with your laptop, tablet or phone, bring up our website and get learning.   1. Somewhere comfy Whether you’re curled up on your favourite chair, tucked up in bed, or sprawled out….

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Becky Ladley 18th Jan 2019

Your guide to business planning for 2019

How important is business planning and why is it needed? What challenges can we expect to see in the world of business in 2019? If you have always wanted to know about this fascinating area of the business process then you’re in luck! In this month’s guest vlog business tutor David James explores the ever changing discipline of business planning:….

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Annika McDonald 11th Jan 2019

9 reasons to fall in love with studying online in 2019

Are you interested in learning a new skill? Perhaps you fancy taking on a degree but not sure if it will work for you? From realising your career aspirations to making global contacts there are many things to love about online learning. If you’ve never tried it before, you may be a bit wary, but there are lots of fantastic….

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Becky Ladley 04th Jan 2019

Our best blogs of 2018!

It’s been a busy 12 months here at University of Essex Online and our bloggers have been hard at work capturing every moment of it. So, grab a drink, sit back and join us as we take a look at some of our favourite blogs from 2018….… Our students shared their stories Let’s start with our amazing students. From refugee….

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Annika McDonald 21st Dec 2018

University of Essex Online Christmas Quiz 2018!

In the famous words of Slade…It’s Christmas! So that must mean it’s time for a well earned break to rest and recuperate. But before you log off for 2018, why not test your Christmas knowledge by challenging your friends and family with our 2018 Christmas quiz? And as we know our students are a competitive bunch we’ve made sure you….

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Annika McDonald 21st Dec 2018

Can I get a degree while working full time?

This is a question we hear a lot, and the short answer is… absolutely! Online degrees are, in many ways, totally different to campus-based degrees. They can be completed in your free time, and from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This means you can fit them in on your lunch break, during your commute, or on evenings….

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Becky Ladley 14th Dec 2018