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David James gives his end of year advice for online students

It’s the start of a new month and December brings with it the start of the festive period across many parts of the world. It’s also a time when we find ourselves looking back at the months that have gone as the year draws to close. 2018 has been an interesting year in the world in general but also within….

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Annika McDonald 07th Dec 2018

7 tips to keep you focused while studying online

Students completing an online degree need to be highly motivated. You don’t have a physical class to go to, which means you need to be doubly dedicated compared to campus-based students. Luckily, with these tips, it will be easy to find the enthusiasm you need while completing one of our degrees. 1.      Make a study plan Whether you’re digital or….

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Becky Ladley 30th Nov 2018

Student Gail tells us about studying whilst in the British Army

Students can often find it challenging juggling a social life, work commitments and studying, but imagine adding serving in the armed forces on top of that. Well that’s exactly what Lance Corporal Gail Ronson does. She is currently serving in the British Army as part of the Corps of Army Music and on the media team, she is also studying Criminology….

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Annika McDonald 23rd Nov 2018

The Admissions Process Explained

How long the Admissions process lasts from the very start through to enrolment can vary vastly (from days to months) – and the person most in control of this timeframe is you as a prospective student! It may be that you’re considering your potential options for the future, that you want to get your studies organised to start in a….

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Becky Ladley 16th Nov 2018

University of Essex Online introduces new short undergraduate-level qualification

University of Essex Online is excited to announce the introduction of Certificate of Higher Education qualifications. These new courses are equivalent to Level 4 of undergraduate study and can be completed in approximately 16 months. These Certificates of Higher Education, or CertHEs, have an open entry route, meaning candidates need no prior academic qualifications or work experience to start the….

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Becky Ladley 12th Nov 2018

CertHEs: we’re launching TEN new courses!

It’s pretty rare that we launch more than three or four new courses at the same time. But today we’re excited to announce that we are launching CertHEs in each of our undergraduate subjects. A CertHE, short for Certificate of Higher Education, is equivalent to the first year of a full-time Bachelors degree (120 credits of study). These online short….

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Annika McDonald 09th Nov 2018

A day in the life of a University of Essex Online tutor

Would you get up at 4am for a job you love? Because that is exactly what guest blogger and business tutor David James does! In this vlog he shares what a day in the life of a University of Essex Online tutor is like:      David will be returning with another vlog in December! Want to know more….

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Annika McDonald 02nd Nov 2018

Our top spooky subjects this Halloween

If you’re a serious scare enthusiast, it often seems a shame that Halloween only comes once a year. But no fear – we have a bunch of degree subjects that will keep you spooky for up to 48 months (indicative study duration).   BSc (Hons) Frankenstein Surgery By the end of this course you will be able to create and….

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Becky Ladley 26th Oct 2018

What business course should I study?

Business is our biggest subject, with over 800 current business students from 95 different countries, and eighteen different courses to choose from. Undergraduate, postgraduate, short course, marketing, management, finance, HR, project management, MBA… the options are endless! But with so many choices to pick from, how do you know which of our many different courses you should be studying? Today….

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Becky Ladley 19th Oct 2018

"It’s never too late to follow your passions" - law student Adam tells us about his journey!

Hi, I am Adam, 27, from Gloucester, England and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my time studying Law at the University of Essex Online. At my age I am considered a mature student and the first thing I want to say is it’s never too late to follow your passions. I have always had a….

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Annika McDonald 12th Oct 2018