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The three stages of changing your career later in life

Changing your career at any age is a huge step, but making the decision to leave a position you’ve held for many years can be even more intimidating. As you grow older, increasing financial and family responsibilities often prevent people risking making major changes to their career and salary. Re-entering the job market doesn’t have to be a gamble though;….

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Caroline Bluemel 08th Apr 2016

Quiz: Celebrities with online degrees

Considering online study? You’ll be in good company; a host of actors, directors and musicians have also achieved qualifications by distance or online learning. Take our quiz to discover which stars have studied online (and which haven’t!). It’s time to test your celebrity knowledge… which of the following people made the awesome decision to study online? Online Form – University of….

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Caroline Bluemel 24th Mar 2016

£630 per student: the cost of paper textbooks

No matter what higher education course you study, there will always be required reading (and wider reading) to complete. And if you’re buying paper textbooks for every module, these can quickly add up to a hefty financial cost. Read on to discover just how much that all adds up to, and how you can avoid it… The costs associated with….

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Caroline Bluemel 18th Mar 2016

What is a qualifying law degree?

Any law degree is a prestigious achievement, and a highly-respected qualification. However, if your ultimate career goal is to practise law professionally you won’t just need a law degree, you’ll need a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD). Here’s everything you need to know about this essential requirement.   How do you define a qualifying law degree? A QLD is approved by….

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Caroline Bluemel 11th Mar 2016

ELCAS funding can help you prepare for a life on civvy street

If you were going on an exercise, would you leave base without a briefing and checking your kit? Of course not! So if you’re thinking of leaving the armed forces, make sure you prepare yourself the best way you can: by adding valuable qualifications to your CV with funding support from the MoD. Why should I start higher education? One….

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Caroline Bluemel 04th Mar 2016

Exemptions, credits and savings: what are you entitled to?

Courses at University of Essex Online have been created with a number of pre-mapped exemptions, credits and discounts in mind. These allow students with past study experience or existing qualifications to save both time and money. Not sure what you’re entitled to? Don’t worry, this week’s blog gives you a quick run-down of what we offer.   If you’ve already….

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Caroline Bluemel 25th Feb 2016

The importance of critical thinking

Critical thinking is a core academic skill that teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students to question or reflect on their own knowledge and information presented to them. This skill is essential for students working on assignments and performing research. It’s also an invaluable skill in many workplace scenarios. In this week’s blog we discuss what critical thinking is, how it applies….

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Caroline Bluemel 19th Feb 2016

What’s the difference between online and distance learning?

You’ll often find that terms like ‘online learning’ and ‘distance learning’* are used interchangeably by many universities and online resources. But there are actually some very significant differences that can dramatically change the way that each course is taught and what a student can expect to get out of it. Here’s our guide to the two course types…   * Because….

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Caroline Bluemel 12th Feb 2016

Do you know your PG Cert from your PG Dip? Understanding 20 of the most common higher education abbreviations.

  Higher education can sometimes be a daunting prospect, and that isn’t made any easier when you suddenly encounter a bunch of new and confusing acronyms. But don’t panic! We’re here to help you understand the qualifications represented by an MBA, an MPH and an MSc with our handy guide to 20 of the most common higher education abbreviations…  ….

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Caroline Bluemel 05th Feb 2016

News: University of Essex Online launches new MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology

University of Essex Online today announces the launch of an MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology, adding a natural progression route from their already-established BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice course. This new online programme allows students to build on their undergraduate studies and workplace experience and develop their knowledge further within this exciting and valuable subject. This advanced qualification has….

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Caroline Bluemel 02nd Feb 2016