7 reasons to consider a career in supply chain management and global logistics


11th Sep 2023


Get to the centre of international trade with a career in supply chain management and global logistics. Graduates in this field can expect to be well-rewarded with higher-than-average salaries, while being in high demand.

Read on to discover our top reasons for studying the subject, as well as the natural qualities that guarantee success in this fast-moving sector.    


1. Plentiful job opportunities

Supply chain management and logistics skills are needed globally across a range of sectors. Upon graduation, you’ll benefit from a wide pool of job opportunities to launch your career. 


2. Put your experience of e-retailing to good use

With access to online shopping 24/7, many students find that they are already subject area experts! Apply your personal experience of the digital retail world by studying this business area in greater depth. 


3. Create business solutions and challenge your mind

Do you enjoy a challenge and have a knack for solving problems? Our MSc Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics helps develop your ability to turn organisational challenges into solutions and apply them to business settings.  


4. Work in a fast-growing industry

Global ecommerce has surged in recent years as the world has become more interconnected. This fast-growing industry is moving at a rapid rate and generates exciting career opportunities. 


5. Earn a higher-than-average salary

Graduates can expect to be well compensated throughout their supply chain management and global logistics careers, with experience in this area continuing to be highly valued by employers. 


6. Exciting travel opportunities

With the rise of globalisation, it’s likely you’ll experience frequent international visits to different locations across the world. Reap the rewards of global demand, as you progress in your career. 


7. Tap into a range of key soft skills

Are you an effective negotiator, who can communicate at all levels? As a supply chain or global logistics manager, you’ll be able to hone key soft skills to help deliver success for your organisation.  


Did you know? On this course, you’ll also have the opportunity to dive into new technical innovations such as artificial intelligence and big data. Visit our course page to learn more.

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