7 tips to keep you focused while studying online


30th Nov 2018


Students completing an online degree need to be highly motivated. You don’t have a physical class to go to, which means you need to be doubly dedicated compared to campus-based students.

Luckily, with these tips, it will be easy to find the enthusiasm you need while completing one of our degrees.


1. Make a study plan

Whether you’re digital or analogue, create a written study plan to keep you on track. Plan when you’ll be completing assignments well ahead of the deadline; set time limits to help you focus on the task at hand, and create to-do lists so you don’t miss anything out.


2. Look into the support available

We have a number of different ways for you to reach out to us for support. You will be supported throughout the duration of your studies by our dedicated Student Support team, who are available for all kinds of guidance surrounding your course. They will act as your first point of contact and your mentor. You will also have the support of tutors for each module, during live Q&A sessions and virtual office hours. And finally, don’t overlook how useful your fellow students will be for support!


3. Set aside a study space

It’s easy to get distracted when studying from home. One of the best ways to avoid this is by having a specific space in your house you always use for studying – the spare bedroom, the kitchen table, or even getting out of the house to your local coffee shop. Let your family know not to disturb you while you’re there. What’s more, when you’re not studying you’ll find it easier to decompress.


4. Build in regular breaks

If you’re studying or working 24/7, you’ll get run down quickly. Set aside time in your study plan for relaxation, whether that’s watching a movie, going out for a walk or spending time with your loved ones. You’ll return to your course work more focused, happier and perhaps with a new perspective on that problem you were struggling with.


5. Don’t beat yourself up

If you have a day where you fail to stick to your plan, let it go. Everyone has less productive days, and if you let yourself get too hung up on a bad day, you’ll struggle to make the next one a good day.


6. Reward yourself

Don’t just save rewards for the big achievements. Treat yourself to a nice snack or short break whenever you complete something difficult, even if it’s not a major milestone. This will help build positive associations with overcoming challenges, which will encourage you to keep working hard.


7. Enlist others to support you

Your friends and family are likely to be very proud that you are doing this, so make use of that! Talk to them about how your work is going. Tell them when you’ve solved something tricky or completed a big assignment. Let them big you up, and their positive words will help spur you on the next time your motivation is failing you.


If you think you’ve got the dedication to complete one of our online degrees, all that’s left to do is pick which one! Discover our courses, or download our prospectus to find out more.