7 ways to boost your studying productivity


06th Oct 2017


Sometimes you have too many things to do, and not enough hours in the day to do them. Sound familiar?

Instead of trying to create time where there just isn’t any, we’ve found that the key to success is to be more productive with the time that you do have.

With that in mind, here are our top 7 ways to work smarter when you’re studying online…


1. Create a study space

Studying online gives you a lot of independence; you can learn on the go or in your lunch hour. However, when deadlines are looming it’s a great idea to create a dedicated study space away from family and household distractions where you can really knuckle down to your work.


2. Make the most of your commute

The average UK resident commutes, on average, for 57.1 minutes per day. If this is you, and you’re lucky enough to do this by train or bus, you could use this ‘wasted’ time for reading course materials and research.


3. Plan your day

Dentist appointments, parents’ evenings, work meetings… it’s sometimes easy to feel like your day is already as full as it can get! However, if you actually write down all your commitments on a calendar (this handy template allows you to create your own!) then you’ll probably start to see where you have space to squeeze in a bit of extra study. This approach means that you don’t have to cancel or rearrange your other commitments, but makes it easier to spot the time you already have free.


4. Have a digital detox

Phones, tablets, TVs, computers, games consoles – screens are everywhere these days – and they’re all filled with games and apps designed to distract you and sap your productivity. If you’re really having trouble focusing, the easiest solution is to do the unthinkable and avoid your devices completely. Put your phone in a drawer, or another room. Or you could even try going to the library to study and leave your phone at home. We promise, Facebook will still be there when you get back!


5. Stay healthy

Nothing can slow you down and cause you to miss your commitments like an illness! While some sicknesses just can’t be avoided, it’s always worth trying to stay as healthy as possible. Our blog on ‘health tips for online students’ gives you some great advice for watching your diet, taking care of your mental health and much more.


6. Take effective notes

A good set of notes will always make it easier to write your assignments and prepare discussions. But in order for notes to be considered ‘good’, they need to be organised and well-written. Our handy infographic gives you some great tips and techniques for taking notes like a pro.


7. Set goals

Sometimes, nothing can make you put away the distractions and apply yourself to a piece of work like the promise of a great reward. Set yourself mini-goals, and award yourself treats when you succeed. It might not sound like much, but you’ll be surprised how much it motivates you!


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