8 reasons why our short courses could be the answer to your study worries


08th Dec 2017


Online study


With working hours getting longer and personal time getting shorter, committing to studying for a four-year degree can seem like a tough choice. But did you know that we have qualifications you can gain in less than a year?

If you want to try online learning but don’t have the time to commit to years of studying, then our short courses could be just what you need. Whether you’re looking to aim high in your profession or make that complete career change, our CertHE, PG Cert and PG Dip courses will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to pursue your goal.

And because we know your time is precious, we’ve sourced the best reasons for investing in yourself and booking your place on our short courses:


1. Speed

All our short courses can be completed in just 8 or 16 months which means you aren’t tying yourself down to studying for years to gain your qualification.


2. Cost

Our CertHE/PG Cert/PG Dip courses don’t cost as much as a full degree, so they aren’t as daunting a commitment. Online study is new to most people and we want our students to be sure that they like it as a method of study before deciding to do a four-year degree (although we do offer a 21-day money back guarantee on all our courses).


3. Flexible

All our courses are 100% online so that means you can study anywhere, at any time, making the course fit around you. We also have start dates throughout the year, so you don’t have to worry about meeting a September deadline for applying. And with the backing of our tutors, other students on the course and your very own Student Support team, you’ll never feel alone during your studies.


4. Variety

Our short courses are available in a range of different subjects from psychology and criminology to business and law and even policing and health – so there’s something for everyone!


5. Study at your own pace

Our courses allow you to go at your own pace, building up your degree in short courses. Some students feel there’s a stigma attached to joining a CertHE course rather than signing up to the BA (Hons) degree from the word go; however, academically speaking, building up your degree over multiple courses is exactly the same as gaining it by joining the BA (Hons) from day one.


6. A stepping stone to a full degree

Our CertHE, PG Cert and PG Dip courses can be used as stand-alone qualifications or a stepping stone to other courses. So, if you aren’t sure whether the subject is for you, you can try the short course and if you enjoy it you can move on to make the course a full degree.

Expanding your CertHE/PG Cert once you have achieved it is easy, especially with our trained team of Student Support Advisers who will guide you through the process. For example, once you complete a CertHE you can move onto the full BA (Hons) course and it will feel no different. The modules you complete will be identical and the students you work with online will be the same, whether you’re on the CertHE or the BA (Hons) course.


7. Workplace development

CertHE/PG Certs/PG Dips can be a great tool to develop your skills within the workplace, especially if you don’t have the necessary experience or qualifications for a full degree. Some people don’t meet the traditional academic entry requirements for a full BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) course, so we encourage them to try further education in a short course format like the CertHE before committing longer term. Our courses can even help you achieve your own personal CPD goals.


8. Career development

Our short course qualifications are a great addition to your CV if you are looking to move ahead in your career. We are dedicated to improving employability amongst our graduates. Our online courses give you the opportunity to improve your career prospects and earning potential with a mix of key skills that are directly transferable to the workplace. They will equip you with a wide range of skills making you highly prized by employers in a variety of industries and professions.


We have regular course start dates throughout the year. Find out more about our courses by downloading a prospectus