What careers can I go into with a Masters degree in criminology?


06th May 2020


Whether you are already working within the criminal justice system, hoping to enter this important field, or planning to use the skills and knowledge you gain in a related industry, a Masters in criminology can help to set you apart from other candidates.

There are a wide range of career options for graduates from our MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology, and this blog post will explore some of your possible options.



There are a range of public and private sector fields where the knowledge gained during your criminology degree will be useful. Being educated to Masters level can give you an advantage when applying to more senior roles within:

  • the National Crime Agency (or your country’s equivalent)
  • the police, including crime scene investigation and forensics
  • prison and probation services
  • victim support services
  • youth services
  • offender support
  • legal services
  • security services
  • alcohol and drug rehabilitation services
  • criminal intelligence services

You may also find suitable roles within these related sectors:

  • counselling
  • social work
  • education
  • research


Your CV

Whether you have existing experience in the field or not, a Masters degree in criminology will be an asset to your CV.

Our MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology covers a range of crucial topics such as criminological theory, forensic psychology and criminal investigation, allowing you to speak confidently about these matters in your cover letter and any interviews you get.

Throughout the degree, you will develop your critical thinking, analytical and communication skills, all essential for working within criminology and psychology, and very applicable to a range of other roles. Studying at Masters level also demonstrates your dedication and commitment to employers and provides evidence that you can deliver high quality work.

As part of your degree you will produce a Criminology and Criminal Psychology Thesis and conduct independent research into an issue of your choice. Many of our students choose a topic that is directly relevant to their current field or the field they hope to enter. Mentioning your thesis on your CV will highlight your expertise and allow you to stand out from other applicants for the opportunity you are applying for.

And one of the great benefits of studying online is that you don’t need to wait until after graduation to start reaping the benefits of your studies. You can add your qualification to the education section of your CV while you are still studying, and the topics you study can be a great resource for answering questions within interviews. You can also apply the knowledge you gain from day one of the course, both in your current role and in any new job you start during the course.


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