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How to create your perfect study space

Study space

Studying online gives you a huge amount of freedom; you can learn on your morning commute, in your lunch hour or even on a sun lounger by the pool (if you’re lucky!). However, when deadlines are looming it’s a great idea to create a dedicated study space where you can really knuckle down to your work. Not sure where to start? Read on…


Finding a space

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom in your home, this can make a perfect study space. However, you definitely don’t need an entire room; make use of an old desk or workbench, your dining table or even a foldaway camping table. As long as you’re away from the hustle and bustle of your housemates and/or family, you can really study anywhere.


Sitting pretty

When you’re writing a dissertation that can be up to 15,000 words long, the chances are that you’ll be sitting in one place for many hours. Therefore, it’s essential for your health that you have a comfortable chair to sit in. Before you start, always make sure it’s set up correctly by checking your posture online.


Set the mood

Many online students schedule their education around family and work commitments, which means that they sometimes complete their reading or writing late at night. To avoid eye strain and headaches make sure you’re always in a well-lit area by adding lamps or a central light to your study space.


Make it personal

Although your study space should be as clutter- and distraction-free as possible, there’s no reason you shouldn’t personalise it with ornaments or plants. Keeping family photos close by will also provide inspiration when you need it most!


Get kitted out

You don’t need a lot when you’re studying online: a laptop or computer is really the only essential piece of equipment. However, some students also like to invest in an eBook-reader to make reading on the go easier. And many people find that a good, old-fashioned notepad and stationery set also come in handy to quickly capture down ideas and notes.


Keep it tidy

The point of a study space is to create a dedicated area for focusing on your studies. Make sure you don’t use it as a storage area for dirty laundry, don’t let the kids take it over for crafting and definitely keep it tidy so it’s ready to use the next time you’re feeling inspired!