eBooks for education: what are the benefits?


04th Dec 2019


It’s fair to say that without the invention of eBooks, online study would never have really taken off.

Accessible on all types of device – your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop – eBooks allow you to take any number of publications with you wherever you travel.

The benefits aren’t limited to the portability. eBooks can be downloaded instantly, have impressive search and annotation functions, and are able to link both within the book and to outside sources, broadening your access to new knowledge. eBooks are actually one of the most undervalued pieces of technology available to students today.

Whether you’re on the sofa, on the train or on the beach, eBooks make it possible for you to be gaining new knowledge and expanding your horizons every day.

When you enrol on a University of Essex Online course, you gain free access to the core textbooks for all of your modules, as well as our free eLibrary containing a wealth of academic texts and journals, allowing you to read around your subject at no extra cost.

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