Five ways education can improve your confidence


02nd Dec 2016


Confident people are often highly successful in both their work and personal lives. However, if you’re not one of the lucky ones born with high levels of confidence, there are ways to boost your self-esteem.

We might be a little biased, but we think that education and online learning are great ways to do this. Here are five ways education can improve your confidence.



Whether you’re presenting ideas to fellow students in discussions or structuring arguments for an assignment, studying online or in a classroom definitely requires you to develop your communication skills. And because students are building on these skills in a supportive learning atmosphere, they often take chances they might not have felt confident doing before. And gradually, this improved confidence will transfer over into other areas (like the workplace or their personal lives).



The best decisions are backed by knowledge and data. And when you have a thorough understanding of your business or subject area (as a result of education), you’re in the best position for confident decision-making. For example, students who study for a business qualification are equipped with the skills to make better and bolder decisions on finance, project management, business strategy, managing teams and much, much more.


Meeting challenges

Studying for a higher education is hard work, and studying online and part-time as our students do is an additional challenge. But as you become accustomed to fitting assignment deadlines around family and work commitments, a challenging project in the workplace can suddenly seem much easier to manage. Students are able to use their transferable study skills such as organisation, time-keeping and problem solving to take control of a difficult task and manage it successfully.


Receiving feedback

Receiving negative comments or criticism on a project you’ve worked on can often be a huge confidence blow. It can also deter many people trying to lead projects or take chances again in the future. Receiving regular tutor feedback is an essential part of studying for a degree online, but it will always be both constructive and sympathetic. By continually receiving advice and support, our students quickly become more confident and able to react positively to constructive criticism in the workplace.



Achieving a degree is no small task, and is the well-earned result of years of sacrifice and dedication. Therefore, it’s only natural that graduates should be extremely proud of their achievements. Particularly for people who might not have thought that higher education was possible, completing a degree course can provide a huge lift to their self-esteem. And this boost in self-confidence can often propel graduates to apply for a new career, take on new responsibilities, start a new business and much more!


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