Celebrating International Women’s Day across the globe


08th Mar 2024


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At the University of Essex Online, we always champion the aspirations and achievements of all our students.  

We’re proud to have students from more than 140 countries worldwide and have transformed the lives and careers of over 5,000 alumni. This year’s International Women’s Day is about inspiring inclusion among individuals, groups and organisations across the world, and championing the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. 

In this blog post, we share how International Women’s Day is marked around the world. 


International Women’s Day in Italy, known as ‘la Festa Della Donna’, is traditionally marked by the giving and receiving of brightly coloured yellow mimosa blossoms. Many Italians consider this to have an equally symbolic meaning to giving red roses on Valentine’s Day. 

Hillary Frattini

“Learning is something that I’ve always been passionate about. I like the flexibility of Essex Online and will always try to move around and discover new cultures and countries.”

Hillary Frattini | University of Essex Online 


United States

The whole of March is Women’s History Month in America and honours the achievements of American women. Observance can include participating in award ceremonies or attending a wide range of festivals, exhibitions, gatherings and digital events.

Angeline Guarin

“I’d say to any non-UK student that’s worried they will feel like an outsider – fear not! Not only are UK-based students incredibly welcoming, but there are also so many students from around the world who are excited to meet you.”

Angeline Guarin | University of Essex Online



In China, companies tend to offer female employees a range of benefits, including a half-day off work, and exchange messages of appreciation. International Women’s Day is also a major annual shopping event in China, encouraging consumers to take part in the celebrations.

Hei Chan

“After analysing myself using the Ikigai framework – a Japanese concept of finding purpose – I discovered studying psychology would allow me to turn my passions into a career that would also help others.”

Hei Chan | University of Essex Online


United Kingdom

In the UK, speakers, performers and activists come together to highlight the issues facing women across the world, including equal pay. As well as widespread digital events and campaigns, there are also a variety of talks, discussions and gatherings to celebrate women.

Michelle Franklin

“Stand up and be counted! Take a breath and go for it, don’t be held back by age or self-doubt. You can achieve anything you want to but you have to be brave enough to take that first step, you will not regret it.”

Michelle Franklin | University of Essex Online



Following the landmark 2018 strike to highlight gender inequality and sexual discrimination, women continue to acknowledge the day by taking to the streets and participating in events to push for the rights of Spanish women and girls.

Erin Lovell

“My personal mantra – Kurt Vonnegut said: ‘We are what we imagine ourselves to be.’ You are smart, capable and strong. Repeat that to yourself as many times as you need to per day until you believe it.”

Erin Lovell | University of Essex Online


You can learn more about International Women’s Day 2024 by visiting the official website here.


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