Eight ways to involve your family in your studies


04th May 2018


Many of our students choose to study with us because of the flexibility and convenience offered by online study. Studying remotely means you can easily fit your education around your existing family and work commitments.

Here are some of our top tips for making sure you involve your family while you study with us:


1. Put it on the family calendar

Make sure your submission deadlines and module start dates are on a calendar that everyone can access. That way you can see when your studies may need to be flexible around an important swim meet or birthday party.


2. Do homework at the same time as your kids

If your children are attending school, chances are they have homework to complete. Why not motivate both them and yourself at the same time by committing to doing some studying while your kids are working on their maths or literacy homework.


3. Make time for each other

Studying will keep you very busy, so it’s a great idea to make the most of the time you have off. Make sure to schedule quality time in to spend with your children and partner.


4. Eat healthy for the whole family

What we eat can have a massive effect on how well our brains work. It’s essential for kids to have a nutritious breakfast to set them up for a productive day at school – in the same way, it’s important for you to fuel your body well while studying. You can find out more tips on keeping healthy while studying here.


5. Encourage your children to take over some household tasks

You’ll have to manage your time well to fit studying into your life. If you usually do the laundry, why not ask your children to take responsibility for making sure a load goes on every day/three days/week. It’s one task off your to-do list, and some extra time freed up for studying.


6. Celebrate the small things

Just as you would give your children a small treat for doing well in a test, remember to treat yourself when you pass a module or get a good grade in an assignment. Make sure your family know you’ve succeeded as well – getting congratulations from them will add to your feeling of happiness.


7. Get them excited about your work

Talking to your children in a passionate way about what you’re learning can foster a positive view of the value of education. Plus when you explain aspects of what you’re studying to them, even if you need to simplify it, it will help you wrap your head around the concepts you’re learning.


8. Bring them to graduation

At the end of your course, you’ll be invited to graduation at the University of Essex campus. This is a fantastic day out for your family, and a real way to commemorate a massive milestone in your life.


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