How to ‘network’ as an online student


21st Apr 2017


Making friends and contacts is an important aspect of advancing your career. However, it’s a common misconception that building these bonds has to be done face-to-face.

Modern technology allows you to grow relationships around the whole world, without even leaving your house. Not sure where to start? Here’s our guide to the most common tools you can use to build your online presence and start to network online…



The ultimate online networking site for job-seekers and recruitment agents, creating a LinkedIn profile is a highly-recommended way of building online relationships with others in your field. To develop your connections, make sure you make use of the ability to write articles, share images and follow companies and individuals in your field.



While X might seem like a purely social site, it’s actually great for building up an online presence within your chosen field of business. Sharing posts from professional leaders, interacting with colleagues and sharing relevant articles is sure to attract followers and fellow professionals.



Again, this might seem like a social site but businesses are increasingly using the global audience that Facebook attracts to build relationships and an online presence. If you’re a business owner with a Facebook page, make sure your page is presented professionally and that you respond to all messages quickly.



Industry-specific forums and groups are the perfect way to discuss cutting-edge topics and recent news in your field of business. By getting to know the opinions held by those in the top level of your career, and engaging in friendly discussions with peers, your relationships are likely to grow into professional connections.



Blogging has never been so popular, or so easy. And instead of requiring you to reach out to build a network, creating a career-focused blog can attract hundreds, or even thousands, of people from your industry straight to you. Make sure you create professional, opinionated blog posts and update it regularly!


Optimise your CV

Nowadays, it’s common practice to upload your CV to the internet; posting your résumé online allows both fellow professionals and recruitment agents to find you and discover more about your skills. Make sure your CV is presented in a standard layout, and uses industry-focused and relevant keywords to make it as easy as possible to find online.


As an online student, you will have plenty of opportunities to network with your peers and tutors. To find out more about the courses we offer, download a prospectus.