New courses launch: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


15th Sep 2021




We are excited to announce the launch of not one, but two new programmes: MSc Artificial Intelligence and MSc Data Science.

These join our two existing computing degrees, MSc Computer Science and MSc Cyber Security. Like our other computing programmes, these courses are conversion degrees that are aimed at prospective students without a technical background who wish to enter this industry, which is currently suffering from a skills shortage.

Students on our MSc Artificial Intelligence will gain the foundational knowledge needed to be effective in artificial intelligence (AI) roles within any industry – and there are a growing number of companies who utilise AI to improve their business activities. The course focuses on the three fundamental areas of AI: search, knowledge representation and learning. You will explore key topics including machine learning and intelligent agents.

Our MSc Data Science will equip you with the necessary skills to extract, analyse, interpret and present data from a variety of sources. As businesses increasingly collect data, the demand for those with the ability to make effective use of that data is also on the rise. You will explore key topics including data wrangling, processing data sets for presentation and the application of machine learning to data science.

Each of our MSc programmes culminates in our MSc Computing Project module. You will identify a topic, issue or challenge within your field of study, and develop a standalone artefact that meets the identified requirements. Throughout the programme, you will also take part in individual and team projects to simulate the realities of working within this industry, and you will have access to an online development environment through which you can practice and hone your new technical skills.

“Our new conversion programmes have been praised for their timeliness, providing a route into two computing disciplines with substantial skills shortage. Ethically-motivated and with a focus on the use of industry tools, the programmes will help to ensure that any newcomer to either the data science or artificial intelligence arena is adequately equipped with the essential knowledge and expertise needed for industry application.”

Dr Nkaepe Olaniyi, Head of Computing

While the Masters degrees have an indicative study duration of 2 years, both programmes are also available as a shorter PG Cert or PG Dip course, lasting 8 months and 16 months respectively. These shorter programmes provide a solid grounding in the subject and are well-regarded qualifications in their own right, while also acting as stepping stones towards the full Masters degree.

To find out more about our new courses, including modules, funding options and how online study works, get a prospectus.