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Online vs. offline: What’s the difference?

There are all kinds of misconceptions and confusion about the world of online learning.

This week’s blog helps to dispel some of the myths… scroll over the images below to discover the key differences between online and offline learning.

The classroom


With technology allowing us to communicate and work almost anywhere these days, there’s no need to restrict learning to just one location. Students enrolling with the University of Essex Online are given all the materials they need to study, as well as access to online libraries, discussion boards, journals and much more.

The timetable


Whether you have a busy career, a hectic family life or you’re training for a marathon (or all three!), online learning allows you to fit education around your life. Passion and self-discipline are the key to any successful studying, but individual support is always available.

The dress code


If you write your best assignments when you’re in your suit commuting on the train, or find focusing on e-textbooks easiest in a bath full of bubbles, online learning gives you the flexibility to study in your comfort zone.

Fellow pupils


Remote or online students come from all walks of life; they might be an office employee wanting to forward their career, someone looking for a second chance at gaining a degree or a busy parent wanting to learn a new skill. Whoever you are, and whatever your background, you’ll find an online student like you.

The qualification


These days, there’s absolutely no stigma attached to an online qualification. At the University of Essex Online, there is no mention of online study on your certificate. Graduates are also invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Essex campus in Colchester after successfully completing a degree course.

The university


Virtual learning does not mean a virtual university! The University of Essex has a 50-year heritage of education, providing students with a thriving campus experience and a commitment to excellence in teaching and research.

The experience


Whatever kind of learning you choose, achieving a new qualification is guaranteed to improve your life. Education can help you to forward your career (and get that corner office you’ve had your eye on!), or just give your self-esteem a massive boost. So whether you’re motivated by passion or ambition, don’t let these opportunities pass by.

In summary, there are strengths and weaknesses to both online and offline learning. If you’re more suited to a structured environment, offline traditional learning might be for you. But if you prefer a flexible experience with the ability to work anywhere and anytime, online distance learning is your perfect match.

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