Our fascination with criminology and criminal psychology


26th Jan 2023




The international popularity of crime shows such as Netflix’s critically acclaimed, yet controversial series ‘Dahmer’ (USA); ‘Gomorrah’ (Italy); ‘The Money Heist’ (Spain); ‘Borgen’ (Denmark); ‘Sacred Games’ (India) to name but a few serve to fuel the public appetite for revelling in crime stories.

We can find ourselves so consumed in gripping storylines that we extend our conversations through social media channels. In response to the Dahmer series, ‘#Dahmer’ went viral with over 1 billion views.

Why are we so fascinated by crime?

We could say that our interest in the subject stems from a morbid fascination with murder and criminality, but there are many other elements that add to the global intrigue in crime. The world of criminology and criminal psychology transcends boundaries, and through the lens of crime, we can analyse human mind, learn about the investigative process, and address and research taboo topics. These fundamentals form the foundation of our online postgraduate degree in Criminology and Criminal Psychology.

When you join the course, you’ll be taught by both highly qualified tutors with extensive online teaching experience and those working in the criminological field, such as current & former Senior Investigating Officers who have worked within the Criminal Investigation Department, Special Branch, and counterterrorism.

Our postgraduate degree in Criminology and Criminal Psychology has an international appeal where you’ll learn alongside other students from across the world. Upon your graduation, you will be qualified to serve as analytical police staff or police officers, or in offender support, probation, prison and victim services. Our course is also useful for those seeking employment within security services and the National Crime Agency.



Why study with us?

  • Our degrees are 100% online with no hidden costs.
  • All our assessments are online with no exams.
  • You will have regular contact with tutors both in live interactive seminars and through one-to-one sessions.
  • You can work at your own pace at a time that suits you.
  • You have access to a dedicated Criminology Support Team.
  • You will get inspired by guest speakers
  • Receive a fully accredited and internationally recognised degree from the University of Essex.


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