Seven myths about studying a degree online busted


11th Sep 2019


Online study


We frequently come across the same questions and concerns from prospective students, when thinking about studying an online degree. We decided it was time to set the record straight!

This blog intends to give you a clearer picture of what life is really like when studying with University of Essex Online and how this can set you on the path to your dream career. Read on to discover seven common myths about what studying online is like and the truth behind the rumours:


1. “It’s not a ‘proper’ degree.”

This is one of the most common misconceptions we come across about our online degrees and we want to state once and for all this is not the case! Regardless of the subject, you choose to study you will receive a highly credible qualification from one of the most reputable universities in the UK.

The qualification you gain is recognised worldwide and is awarded by the University of Essex – placed in the top 40 UK universities (Complete University Guide 2024). Furthermore, we achieved excellence for teaching, learning and academic support in the 2023 National Student Survey. This goes to show you’re in safe hands when embarking on a degree with University of Essex Online.


2. “The tutors are not experienced and simply read from a textbook.”

This is a concern for many of our prospective students: worried that our tutors have little or no knowledge of the subject they teach, and lectures simply consist of reading from a textbook. This is certainly not the case; all our tutors possess many years of experience in their chosen field. They are also put through a rigorous approval process before they are allowed to teach any of our pupils.


3. “Students rely on counterfeit and plagiarised assignments to pass modules.”

It is true that counterfeit degrees, available to purchase online, are growing in availability from fake online universities. This is 100% not the case at University of Essex Online, however! Students must take part in discussion forums, regular lectures, assignment deadlines and direct reading, which ensures that really do earn your degree.

We also have a stringent quality assurance process and are registered in the approved category for the Office for Students (OfS), the independent regulator of higher education in England. All of this ensures that, come graduation day, you can be proud of your achievement when receiving your degree.


4. “Online degrees are viewed less favourably by employers than the campus-based alternative.”

Whether you study online or achieve a campus-based qualification, these are both given the same respect by employers. You can rest assured that graduating from the University of Essex Online you will have satisfied the same academic standards rules and policies as degrees studied on campus.

The certificate you receive is the same as campus-based students receive, and there is also no mention of the mode of study on your certificate – it is only mentioned on your academic transcript.


5. “You won’t get to attend a graduation ceremony.”

On completion of their degree, all our online students are invited to attend graduation at the University of Essex Colchester campus. This is a fantastic way of celebrating your achievement with family, friends and your fellow graduates. This is the pinnacle for many of our students, who are welcomed from across the world to receive their University of Essex Online certificate.

Find out what to expect from a University of Essex Online graduation day by reading our recent blog about it.


6. “Your work is done in isolation with no tutor support or class discussion time.”

While it is true that online degrees do not include face-to-face meetups, every module is led by a tutor who delivers regular live Q&A sessions and can be contacted for extra support via either email or telephone. You will also regularly participate in online discussion forums with your classmates which will give you an opportunity to discuss a range of topics looking at different perspectives and apply your learning to real-world scenarios.

Depending on the course you chose, your syllabus may also include a number of group projects, presentations from the industry leaders and other collaborative projects. This helps encourage you to interact with your fellow classmates and get to know students from across the globe.


7. “I will be viewed as just another student and won’t receive any personal support.”

We are fully aware of the challenges our students may face and the need to fit studies around other work and personal commitments. That’s why all students are supported by their dedicated Student Support team, there to guide you wherever needed. This can cover anything from staying organised to meet assignment deadlines, through to advice when it comes to any changes in personal circumstances.


We hope this post has gone some way to relieving any doubts you may have had about studying towards a degree at University of Essex Online.

If you still have any questions you can chat with our Admissions team or download our prospectus today.