Six reasons to study for an LLM


11th Nov 2016


With increasing competition for every advertised job role, a postgraduate degree can be one way to make your CV stand out from the crowd. And there are few qualifications as well-recognised and respected as a Master of Laws (LLM).

However, holding this award doesn’t only benefit job-hunters; here are six additional reasons you should study for an LLM…


1. The chance to specialise

Many people find that working in a specific job sector or studying for an undergraduate LLB degree awakens a passion for education or a desire to explore a certain topic further. An LLM will allow you to pursue this and develop your understanding of the area of law that interests you the most. For example, the Essex Online LLM allows our students to focus on the fast-paced and cutting-edge topic of international business law.


2. Improve your earning potential

It’s no secret that a postgraduate degree will improve your chances of earning a higher salary (up to £9,000 extra a year!). This is because a postgraduate degree demonstrates to a company that an employee not only has advanced knowledge but also possesses organisation skills, decision-making abilities, self-motivation and much more. And therefore, they can be trusted with more senior roles and responsibilities.


3. Continue your legal development

Law is an ever-changing discipline, and it’s essential to keep your abilities and facts up-to-date. Luckily for those studying with University of Essex Online, qualified solicitors or barristers will also be able to use the skills and knowledge gained from studying on our LLM course to meet their annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.


4. Get international experience

Studying for an LLM qualification gives you the opportunity to network and learn from peers in the legal and professional field. Although our degrees are all 100% online, our students have regular opportunities to discuss key legal topics and issues during Q&A sessions and regular discussion activities on our online forum.


5. A stepping stone to a PhD

Your law education journey doesn’t have to end with an LLM! A research degree allows you to reach a thorough understanding and investigate your chosen topic in real depth. Students completing their LLM with the University of Essex Online can progress onto a PhD research course with University of Essex.


6. Upgrade your university

It’s a competitive market out there and if your undergraduate degree wasn’t awarded by a recognised university, it might not have the impact you hoped on employers. That’s where an LLM from a top UK university can boost your profile. Students at University of Essex Online receive a degree from the University of Essex, an award-winning university with a 60-year heritage of teaching and research excellence.


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