Spotlight on.....Infection Control


21st Sep 2018



Infection control is one of the key priorities for hospital staff, environmental health officers and healthcare professionals throughout the world.

The demand for Infection Control courses has increased in recent years due to multi resistant organisms and contagious illness outbreaks such as MRSA, swine flu and Ebola highlighting the need for more effective infection control.


What is it?

Our MSc Infection Control online course has been designed for nurses and other health professionals who have an infection control role in their workplace but it is also open to anyone with an interest in this area. Delivered as an online course, the MSc Infection Control course gives you the flexibility to study whilst you continue to work full-time. It also allows you to interact with other infection control specialists spread throughout the UK and internationally. The fundamental underpinning of the MSc is that prevention is better than the cure and it is this mentality that will hopefully make outbreaks a thing of the past.


Who is it for?

As an MSc Infection Control online student, you will typically be working as a specialist infection control nurse, infection control practitioner, environmental health officer or other healthcare professional with responsibility for infection control in your role. Upon completion of the MSc course, you will be well placed to take up more senior posts in this area.

Meet some of our recent graduates who all studied and work together:


Where can it lead?

Infectious diseases do not respect borders. As travel between countries becomes increasingly accessible, infectious diseases can spread more rapidly across borders than ever before. As such, the control of infectious diseases is truly a global concern. The demand for infection control awareness has increased in recent years due to the rise in antibiotic resistance, increasing cases of HIV and outbreaks of Ebola and the Zika virus.

Due to this worldwide concern, you can expect to have the freedom to work in almost any country and in many health-related environments including hospitals, communities, nursing homes, schools and more.

Many worldwide organisations also regularly recruit Infection Control Practitioners, including the NHS, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, Public Health England and the World Health Organization.


When can I start?

We’re so glad you asked! We have start dates throughout the year and our next one is in October 2018, you can check out the course page, apply now here, or download a prospectus.