Spotlight on MSc (Hons) Psychology


17th Sep 2020




Are you interested in exploring topics in neuroscience and critical social psychology, while simultaneously developing your qualitative and quantitative research methods? If so, our MSc (Hons) Psychology degree could be right for you.

The programme has been designed to introduce students, who have no previous knowledge or experience in this area, to a range of psychology theory and its practical application. There is a strong focus placed on employability throughout the entire course, and you will develop skills and knowledge applicable not only to a career in psychology but many related fields as well.

You will study a wide range of thought-provoking modules including the Fundamentals of Psychology Enquiry, Human Development over the Lifespan and Critical Social Psychology. You will also develop a range of transferable skills including data analysis and research skills. These can be applied to your career from day one and the online and part-time nature of the course means you can fit your studies around your existing work and family commitments.

In this blog we will give you more information about the module content, course length, and future employment opportunities. This will help you decide if this is the right programme for you to take your career forward or potentially explore a career within an exciting new sector.


Who should study this course?

The course is designed to be of equal benefit whether you have a personal interest in psychology or are looking to explore a new career in this field. You will develop an understanding of what practical psychology is and its application within a professional setting.

One of the ways you will be assessed is through writing a psychology dissertation. This not only gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge of a psychological issue of your choice but also develops your critical thinking, project management and communication skills. These are beneficial in a range of industries including counselling, marketing, the civil service and healthcare.

The course also creates the perfect foundation for those looking to pursue further education in psychology. Graduates can use the skills from this course to help them obtain a new qualification in order to enter one of many career paths within the field, such as investigative and forensic psychology, neuroscience, healthcare and occupational psychology.


What do I learn first?

The first module you study will introduce you to the fundamentals of psychology including the philosophy behind the subject and the major paradigms of research and ethics. You will be taught the skills of reflective learning with a focus on understanding your own development throughout the course, viewing it as your own lifelong learning journey. During this first module you will also be supported in developing the skills required for reading academic literature and producing reports: skills which will be required throughout this programme.

You will then move on to explore the various psychological pressures that underpin a person’s development over their lifespan, including their social, emotional and cognitive development. You will also build on your research skills, honed during your first module, and examine critical milestones in human development through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and late adulthood. The course will delve into topics including attachment, social relations, cognitive and language development and the impact of cultural contexts.


How will I be assessed?

Rather than facing the stress of revising for and then sitting exams, all assessment is conducted through online assignments. This is carried out in a variety of formats, such as engaging in discussion forums, completing reflective journal entries and submitting longer written assignments.


What if I want something shorter?

Then maybe either our PG Cert or PG Dip Psychology courses might be of interest to you. The MSc Psychology has an indicative duration of 2 years while the PG Cert is 8 months and the PG Dip 16 months. These are both respected qualifications in their own right, which can help enhance your CV and provide you with the skills and knowledge to explore a new career avenue. And if you choose to, it’s easy to continue your studies to Masters level after you complete one of these short courses.


What are the benefits of online learning?

All our programmes are delivered 100% online and part-time. As a result, you have the flexibility to study where and when is best for you. You have the opportunity to work and learn at the same time, gaining a new qualification without the need for a career break.

All course content, study materials, and assessment submissions are available and completed through our sophisticated Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This removes the need to visit a physical library or purchase additional textbooks as these are all available through our extensive eLibrary.

Your interactive lecturecasts will be available through the VLE which also hosts live Q&A sessions and immersive discussion forums. All you need to complete your studies is a laptop/ PC with a good internet connection.

Once your studies are completed you are invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Essex’s Colchester campus. This is a great way to celebrate your success with friends, family, classmates and your tutors.


Interested to learn more? Click right here or download a prospectus to find out more details.