Spotlight on MSc Infection Control


15th Apr 2020




Are you interested in finding out about the wide range of global diseases and how you can help to prevent outbreaks? If so, our MSc Infection Control course could be right for you. It is designed for professionals right across the healthcare sector, including hospital staff and environmental health officers.

You will be introduced to a wide range of techniques and strategies designed to help you control the spread of disease. You will learn how to develop and implement strategies to reduce the spread of disease and respond effectively when future outbreaks occur. You’ll also improve your ability to advise policy makers and other clinicians on matters relating to infection.

In this blog we will explore the module content, course length, and future employment opportunities, helping you decide if this is the right programme for you to realise your future career aspirations.


Who should study this course?

Our MSc Infection Control has been designed for nurses and other health professionals who play a role in infection control in their workplace, but it also relevant to anyone with an interest in this area. It is delivered 100% online giving you the flexibility to study while you continue to work full-time. It also provides you with the opportunity to interact with other infection control specialists across the UK and internationally.


What do I learn first?

During your first module you will learn the science behind identifying and isolating pathogenic organisms, helping you to assist in the diagnosis, management and treatment of patients with infections or infectious disease. It is essential for people working within this sector to have a thorough understanding of these key elements, which will help them to learn and implement effective infection control practices.

You will then build on this knowledge further in your next module which investigates communicable diseases on a global scale. This module does not just focus on the UK or Europe, but rather different outbreaks and situations around the world. It is designed to introduce you to a variety of scenarios helping you learn how to implement strategies when faced with a number of diverse challenges.


Can I tailor my studies?

Yes, you can! One of the benefits of this course is the option to tailor the modules you study in line with both your desired career route and your interests. Dependent on the modules you choose you might look into:

  • Health promotion
  • Advanced practice in healthcare
  • Epidemiology

Each one of these modules have been designed to help you develop practical knowledge and skills to support you in making a difference in your chosen healthcare area.


What if I want to study a shorter course?

Then maybe either our PG Cert or PG Dip Infection Control courses might be more suited to you. The PG Cert has an indicative duration of 8 months and the PG Dip has an indicative length of 16 months. These are both respected qualifications which can enhance your CV and highlight your proficiency in this subject. And if you choose to, it is also easy to continue your studies to Masters level after you complete one of these short courses.


Where can the course lead?

As travel between countries has become increasingly accessible, infectious diseases has been able to spread more rapidly across borders than ever before. As such, the control of infectious diseases is truly a global concern. The demand for infection control awareness and strategy has increased significantly in line with recent events and people with the right skillset are in high demand.

Due to this worldwide concern, you can expect to have the freedom to work in almost any country and in many health-related environments including hospitals, communities, nursing homes, schools and more.

Many worldwide organisations also regularly recruit Infection Control Practitioners, including the NHS, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, Public Health England and the World Health Organization (WHO).


What are the benefits of online learning over campus-based?

All our programmes are delivered 100% online and part-time. As a result, you have the flexibility to study where and when is best for you. You have the opportunity to work and learn at the same time, gaining a new qualification without the need for a career break.

All course content, study materials, and assessment submissions are available and completed through our sophisticated Virtual Learning Environment. This removes the need to visit a physical library or purchase additional textbooks as these are all available through our extensive eLibrary.

Your interactive lecturecasts will be available through the VLE which also hosts live Q&A seminar sessions and immersive discussion forums. All you need to complete your studies is a good internet connection.


Interested? To find out more about the course, download a prospectus. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Admissions team