Spotlight on MSc Nursing


16th Dec 2020




Are you looking to take on more responsibility within your nursing role, make the move towards middle and senior management, and move away from a wholly clinical role? If so, then our MSc Nursing course could be the perfect next step for you! This specialist course will help you develop new skills and knowledge, realising your future career aspirations.

The course includes healthcare, management, and leadership modules designed to improve your strategic decision-making skills improving your approach to patient care. All course material has been designed to be relevant on a global scale; so wherever you live or work, the course content will be directly applicable to you and your community.

In this blog, we will give you more information about the module content, course length, and future employment opportunities. You’ll gain all the information you need to decide if this is the right programme for you to take your career forward and achieve your professional goals.


What is the course content like?

The MSc Nursing degree consists of modules focused on healthcare, decision making and research methodology. This combination of study areas means you will have the opportunity to develop your approach to evidence-based decision making and best practice patient care.

One of the key elements of your course is the production of a professional practice portfolio. This allows you to keep a record of your experiences and showcase the ability to develop your skills through reflective practice. The portfolio will accompany you through your optional module choices, where you will have the chance to demonstrate how your studies have been applied to your area of practice.

All course content is delivered entirely online and part time, which enables you to study at a pace that suits you and accommodates your existing work responsibilities.


What will I learn first?

Through your studies, you will develop your knowledge of best practice patient care and strategic thinking. Your studies will help support you on the path towards senior nursing roles, combining specific healthcare modules with insights into leadership and practice.

The first module you study is titled Evidence-based Decision Making in Practice. This module guides you to accurately and confidently make patient-centred decisions, influencing both the long-term future of your healthcare practice as well as yours and your team’s delivery of one-to-one patient care. You will learn how to critique different types of evidence and understand how the implementation of evidence-based decisions provides benefits to your team, your organisation, and your patients.

During your next module, Healthcare Management: Principles and Practices, you will be introduced to some of the key managerial approaches and organisational behaviours within a healthcare context. You will develop a solid understanding of leadership within healthcare and the political and economic factors and challenges affecting decision making in this industry.


How will I be assessed?

Rather than facing the stress of revising for and then sitting exams, all assessments are conducted through online assignments. This is carried out in a variety of formats, including engaging in discussion forums, completing reflective journal entries, and submitting longer written assignments.

The culmination of your studies will be a final dissertation, where you will research an issue within healthcare that is of particular interest to you. This includes conducting first-person research into the topic and producing a comprehensive report. Through this assessment, you will not only demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter but develop a range of transferable skills, enhancing your knowledge within healthcare.


What if I want something shorter?

Then either our PG Cert or Dip Nursing might be of more interest to you. Our MSc Nursing programme has an indicative duration of 2 years while the PG Cert is 8 months and the PG Dip 16 months. These are both respected qualifications in their own right, which can help you to enhance your CV and develop the skills and knowledge required to explore a new career avenue. And if you choose to, it’s easy to continue your studies to Masters level after you complete one of these short courses.


Where could this course take me?

There is a growing demand for skilled health professionals the world over, so regardless of your desired career path or interests, there will be a range of options for you. The course is designed to support you in transitioning from a wholly clinical role to middle and senior management roles.

This means that through your studies you could progress towards a Ward Manager, Charge Nurse or Nursing Manager. You might even decide to go on to study further with the aim of looking at roles within surgery or medical prescription.


What are the benefits of online learning?

All our programmes are delivered 100% online and part-time. As a result, you have the flexibility to study where and when is best for you. You have the opportunity to work and learn at the same time, gaining a new qualification without the need for a career break.

All course content, study materials, and assessment submissions are available and completed through our sophisticated Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This removes the need to visit a physical library or purchase additional textbooks as these are all available through our extensive eLibrary.

Your interactive lecturecasts will be available through the VLE which also hosts live Q&A sessions and immersive discussion forums. All you need to complete your studies is a laptop or PC with a good internet connection.

On successful completion of your studies, you will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Essex’s Colchester campus. This is a great way to celebrate your success with friends, family, classmates, and tutors.


Okay, I’m interested how do I apply?

Just click right here or you can download a prospectus to find out more details.