Spotlight on MSc Project Management


20th Nov 2019




Are you a project management guru in waiting? Do you want to unlock the secrets of project management success or revolutionary managerial approaches? If this sounds like you then you can learn about this and more by studying on our MSc Project Management degree.

This course is designed for those looking to critically evaluate their approach to project management, learning a number of best practices when managing projects of any size. The course material has been designed specifically so that the principles you learn can be transferred to a variety of industries.

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What is the course content like?

The ability to effectively manage a project is a valuable skillset in a wide range of career paths. Our courses are intended for those looking to develop their skills when it comes to effectively managing a team, time and resources, delivering projects which are both on time and on budget.

Whether you are looking to enhance your career solely in project management or within a related field such as financial management, sales consultancy or marketing, this course is a great way of differentiating yourself within the job market. You will learn how to effectively manage the resources and tools at your disposal and overcome challenges in order to deliver the optimal project outcome.


What do I learn first?

The course has been designed to develop both your personal and professional skill set in areas including communication, teamwork, leadership and time management. Through your studies you will develop practical techniques and in-depth knowledge of best practices when managing projects of any size, timescale or level of available resources.

During your first module, Management: Principles and Practices, you will receive a critical introduction to some of the main theories and approaches of contemporary management and organisational behaviour. You will examine a number of managerial case studies and how these different approaches need to change in line with the wider political and economic environment.

The next module you study is Financial Decision Making which aims to provide you with a grounding in management accounting, financial control and investment appraisal. You will develop a critical understanding of short- and long-term decision making, the role of budgeting and the practical application of these techniques within your own organisation.


How will I be assessed?

Rather than having to worry about exams or late-night revisions sessions you will be assessed exclusively through assignments. These are carried out through a variety of different formats including engaging in discussion forums throughout your studies, completing reflective journal entries or by submitting longer pieces of written content.


What if I want something shorter?

Then you’re in luck! We also offer both PG Cert and PG Dip courses which are both shorter. The PG Dip has an indicative length of 16 months and the PG Cert has an indicative length of 8 months. These qualifications are both highly reputable and will help enhance your CV and make it easy to continue your studies once your course has been completed.


How will this help my career?

The skills that you develop when studying an MSc Project Management can be directly transferred to a broad variety of different industries and professions. You will nurture a number of highly transferable skills including leadership, communication and teamwork. These are all highly sought after across an organisation’s hierarchy – in fact, graduates from this course are often earmarked for promotion and sought out for senior managerial positions.

Those people who are already working in project management will experience direct benefits from studying this course, in the form of industry best practices and relevant techniques. However, it is of equal benefit for those working in management consultancy, finance, marketing or sales.


What is it like to study online?

As with all the courses we offer, our MSc Project Management degree is delivered exclusively online and part-time through our sophisticated learning platform. This gives you the opportunity to fit your studies around other work and personal commitments, helping you develop new skills and knowledge without taking a career break.

The course content is delivered through the use of a range of different mediums – interactive lecturecasts featuring videos, animation and short tests; live Q&A sessions with tutors; immersive discussion forums with your classmates and access to our comprehensive eLibrary of subject-specific academic texts and journals.


You can apply now or if you would like to find out more information about our MSc Project Management degree then download a prospectus