Our top spooky subjects this Halloween


26th Oct 2018


Online study


If you’re a serious scare enthusiast, it often seems a shame that Halloween only comes once a year.

But no fear – we have a bunch of degree subjects that will keep you spooky for up to 48 months (indicative study duration).


BSc (Hons) Frankenstein Surgery

By the end of this course you will be able to create and animate your own walking, talking (well, grunting) Frankenstein’s Monster. Special modules include Introduction to Lightning and Getting Away With Graverobbing.


MSc Zombie Apocalypse Survival

You may remember we announced this essential subject last year. While fleeing for your life is important, it’s not just cardio – you need to have serious braaaaaaiiins to outsmart the toughest zombies. There’s plenty of overlap with our MSc Project Management course, as you’ll need to be able to coordinate a team, organise a quarantine and plan out food supplies.


CertHE Vampire Skills

Have you recently joined the ranks of the undead? Are you unsure how to leverage your new powers? And are you confused why you can no longer enter your friends’ houses if they haven’t explicitly invited you in? Our short course will help you get used to life as a vampire, including how to look sharp if you can’t see yourself in a mirror and a practical Bat Flying Skills class.


BA (Hons) Costumes

While this course doesn’t exclusively cover Halloween, its Level 4 module on Introduction to Scary Costumes is definitely a must for any fancy-dress enthusiasts. Additionally, the general modules on Costume Components and Sourcing Vs Outsourcing will come in handy. There is also the option to specialise at Level 6, with optional modules in Unusual Scares or Pop Culture Costumes.


While unfortunately these courses haven’t been approved yet, we do have a range of more practical subjects on our course list – click here to check them out. And happy Halloween!