Our top spooky subjects for the upcoming academic year!*


28th Oct 2020


Online study


All Hallows’ Eve is near at hand when all manner of ghosts, ghouls and goblins come out to play!

This Halloween things might be slightly different – but fear not, scare enthusiasts! We have come up with a whole new range of spooky subjects for the upcoming academic year. These have been designed perfectly to keep your teeth sharp, your horns pointy and your cloak clean.

*All courses listed are purely for fun and not real.


BSc Psyghoulogy

This is a fascinating subject where you can learn why ghosts and ghouls think and behave in the way they do. Ever wondered what the perfect location to haunt is or how it feels to glide through a wall? If so, this is the perfect course for you, helping you understand the scientific and theoretical underpinnings of object levitation and the theories and frameworks surrounding the perfect boo!


BSc Witchcare Management

Are you looking for that first step towards witch coven management? Are you fascinated by the fields of cauldron cleanliness and broomstick maintenance? Our online BSc Witchcare management course provides a unique opportunity to explore a range of practical-focused modules covering these areas and many more

Master of Poltergeist Habitation (MPH)

Our online Master of Poltergeist Habitation students are helping to understand and explain the behavioural patterns of these rare and elusive creatures. Designed with busy ghost hunters in mind, this programme will provide you with the knowledge to explain inhuman noises, a person’s uncharacteristic loss of balance or why your keys are never where you left them….

While unfortunately these courses haven’t been approved yet, we do have a range of more practical subjects on our course list – click here to check them out. And happy Halloween!

If you’re planning on hosting a virtual fancy dress party this year check out our subject-specific costume suggestions.