Top tips for writing your personal statement


16th May 2019


As part of applying to study one of our courses, you’ll have the opportunity to write a personal statement. This short piece of writing is your opportunity to showcase your passion for the subject you are applying for and to demonstrate your existing knowledge of the field.

But a lot of people feel daunted when approaching this task. This blog post aims to help you feel confident and enthusiastic when writing your personal statement with a few key tips.


Remember how it started

A great way to begin is to think back on what kickstarted your interest in the subject you’re applying for. Maybe you saw something in a TV show or movie? Maybe a friend works in a similar field? Maybe a task in your current role has made you start thinking about a career pivot?


Consider your experience

In fact, your current or previous job roles are a useful source of ideas for your personal statement, particularly when they have intersected with the topic you hope to study. Even if you haven’t worked directly in the field, you may have some relevant projects or duties that you can mention.


Stay focused

While it can be useful to include a few details about your hobbies and interests, make sure everything you include in your personal statement is adding to it. Your best bet is to focus on extra-curriculars that are linked to the course you’re applying for.


Talk to other people

Struggling to get it down on paper? Try telling a friend or family member what makes you excited about studying the course – then write down what you say! A lot of us find it easier to talk than type, so having a conversation with someone can be a great way to inspire yourself.


Be original

It’s important that you write your personal statement yourself. The reason we ask people to submit a personal statement is to assess their suitability for the course, and this isn’t possible if you send in work that isn’t your own. By all means look at other sources for inspiration, but make sure you write it yourself.


Keep it concise

Your personal statement only needs to be 300-500 words (that’s about 2/3 of a page to a page of typed text). To put it in context, this blog post is 499 words – so it doesn’t need to be as long as this! That means you don’t need to write pages and pages of stuff – just keep it to the essentials.


Proofread your statement

Or even better – ask someone else to proofread it! We don’t disqualify people for poor grammar or spelling, but a well-polished statement can help improve the quality of your application. It will also help you spot places you might have repeated yourself or included a paragraph that isn’t quite as compelling as the rest of it.


Got a few ideas for your personal statement? We look forward to reading it! Just apply online here.