20 websites to make you a better online student


01st Jul 2020


Being an online student can be challenging at times. You need to balance a lot of different priorities and work hard to get the best outcome from your studies.

Luckily, there are websites out there that can help you do everything, including stay up-to-date with trends in your field, help you write your assignments, and even find a new job!

And with literally billions of sites out there to search through, it can be difficult to find useful and reputable information. So here are our hand-picked 20 best websites to help make you a better student!


Sites to keep you up-to-date

1. Feedly: Create a curated feed containing content from multiple blogs and news sites within your field.

2. TED Talks: Inspiring talks from professionals in almost every field.

3. Twitter: Follow thought leaders and inspirational voices within your field (including us!), as well as developing your own presence on the topics you care about.

4. YouTube: Watch informational, educational and entertaining videos on just about any topic (and keep up to date with us too).

5. BBC World Service: stay current while on-the-go with the world’s largest audio broadcaster, covering news and discussions in more than 40 languages.


Sites to help with assignments

6. Wikipedia: Don’t go referencing it, but Wikipedia can be a very handy tool for early-stage research.

7. Checking spellings and word meanings, facts, pronunciations and loads more.

8. Daily Writing Tips: Clear explanations of many English grammar rules, e.g. less vs fewer.

9. RefME: Creating your bibliography just by entering the barcode of the book you’re using or the address of the website you visited.

10. Hemingway: Improve the quality of your writing with this online writing tool.


Sites to help you work smarter not harder

11. Trello: Organising your notes, documents, ideas and keeping track of your to-do list.

12. Tomato Timer: For those of you trying out the Pomodoro method to work productively, this timer runs in your browser reminding you to take regular breaks.

13. KeepMeOut: Cut down on the number of times you visit distracting websites while you study.

14. Google Docs, Sheets, Drive, Slides, Calendar: Write notes, manage your time, balance your budget and more.

15. Lifehack: Tips and lists on practically every subject under the sun.


Sites to develop your career

16. LinkedIn: Networking, job hunting and reading articles written by industry leaders.

17. Glassdoor: Discover insider information about companies and plan your future career.

18. The Muse: Find practical advice and tips on finding a job and progressing in your career.

19. Prospects: Career advice for students, broken down by industry.

20. University of Essex Online stories: Get inspiration from our current students about the direction to take your career with an online degree.

Happy browsing!


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