Why you should choose to study online


28th Apr 2021


Online study


Online study is perfect if you want to improve your skills, knowledge and career prospects but can’t commit the time to attend a university or study full time.

Online degrees were once viewed with a level of scepticism by employers compared to the campus-based alternative. However, this is no longer the case and they are now considered with the same level of respect and prestige as if you had graduated from a physical university. This balancing of merit can be credited to improvements in technology, helping to improve the online classroom experience.

By choosing to study at University of Essex Online you will be fully supported throughout your educational journey. Our admissions team will answer any questions you may have about the application process, our student services team will focus on helping you develop your academic skills and our experienced module tutors will provide feedback on your progress. You will feel fully assisted and capable of reaching your full educational potential, alongside whatever career goals you may have set yourself for the future.


You’re in safe hands with us

Any course you choose to study is delivered in partnership with a recognised learning institution, the University of Essex. As an educational provider in the 2023 National Student Survey, 94% of students who responded found their course intellectually stimulating, compared to 84% across the sector.

Following graduation, you will have obtained a university degree, carrying the same level of weight and sense of achievement as any other. Your degree certificate will not show you studied online – instead, the mode of study is only mentioned on your transcripts accompanied by your final grades.

We have students studying with us in 140 countries worldwide and that is one of the great benefits of choosing to study online. Yes, you are learning alongside your peers, but they may have a completely different outlook on the same industry sector as you due to their different geographical location.

It is also important to keep in mind the rigorous academic quality assurance procedures that each of our degree programmes have had to meet, governing the development, approval and assessment of each course. This ensures and protects the value of the award you gain and makes sure the learning outcomes are comparable with an on-campus programme.


Study on your own terms

By choosing to study online you have the flexibility to complete your course when and where you’re free.

All our courses are delivered 100% online and part-time through our sophisticated virtual learning environment (VLE). Through this platform, you will be able to access the University of Essex Virtual Library, join online discussion forums, attend virtual lectures and submit all course assignments. All these resources are available 24/7 with the only thing you need to access them is an internet connection and a PC or smart device.

This means that you can complete your studies from anywhere in the world, whether during your lunch break at work, once your children have gone to bed or simply at the weekend when you may have some free time. For our international students, you can achieve a highly accredited degree from a top UK university without the need to leave your country.


How you’ll be supported

We like to think that our degree programmes accurately mirror the full higher education learning experience, giving students the same support and encouragement just like they were attending a physical university.

Our friendly dedicated team of academics can be contacted through the learning platform, on hand to answer any questions that you might have relating to the course material. For each module, you complete you will have a specialist and experienced tutor who will be available to support you throughout that step of your course.


Where could a degree take you?

Our courses have been designed specifically for busy people, with many of our students continuing to work while they complete their degree. This means they can apply the practical skills, knowledge, and theory from their degree to their place of work from the very first day. Many of our students have taken significant steps forward in their career while studying with us. This includes Obinna who has used aspects of his public health degree to improve healthcare facilities in his community.

If you find yourself in a similar position it could mean that by choosing to study online your career ambitions are closer than you might have thought. The degrees we offer are heavily occupationally focused, giving you the opportunity to quickly upskill and progress.

So, whether you’re a teacher looking to take your educational practice to the next level or a healthcare professional looking to have more influence over strategic decisions, you’ll find a suitable degree for you.


If you would like to find out more information about our full range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and short courses, why not download a prospectus. Alternatively, if you’re ready to apply now you can submit an application in just five easy steps.