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Money matters when it comes to online study

We’ve spoken before about the incredible savings that are possible with online study, as opposed to on-campus study. And we know that cost is an incredibly important part of deciding how, when, and with whom to study. Here are some of our tips when planning your budget for studying: 1.      Know the costs As we mentioned in our previous blog.... Read more

Becky Ladley 22nd Mar 2019

The average saving of being an online student

Studying online is an incredibly cost-effective way to study. Our online degrees are competitively priced… but that’s not the only reason why they’re good value. You’ll also reap the benefits of online study in a number of other ways during your time with us.   Reduced fees and no hidden charges Many UK universities charge tens of thousands of pounds.... Read more

Becky Ladley 01st Feb 2019

Student loan myths… debunked!

The newspapers and social media are full of myths and misconceptions about student loans. And with many horror stories published recently about students racking up huge debts, it’s no surprise that many people are afraid of taking out a student loan. But there’s no need to panic! While a student loan is still a serious financial commitment, this shouldn’t put.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 24th Nov 2017

Part-time undergraduate student finance questions and answers

Applying for funding for a course is something that many part-time undergraduate students find intimidating, and it’s a topic that almost everyone has questions about during their enrolment. In this week’s blog we answer some of the most common questions we receive about part-time student finance. Please note: The information in this blog only applies to undergraduate students. For information.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 16th Sep 2016

£630 per student: the cost of paper textbooks

No matter what higher education course you study, there will always be required reading (and wider reading) to complete. And if you’re buying paper textbooks for every module, these can quickly add up to a hefty financial cost. Read on to discover just how much that all adds up to, and how you can avoid it… The costs associated with.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 18th Mar 2016

ELCAS funding can help you prepare for a life on civvy street

If you were going on an exercise, would you leave base without a briefing and checking your kit? Of course not! So if you’re thinking of leaving the armed forces, make sure you prepare yourself the best way you can: by adding valuable qualifications to your CV with funding support from the MoD. Why should I start higher education? One.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 04th Mar 2016

Exemptions, credits and savings: what are you entitled to?

Courses at University of Essex Online have been created with a number of pre-mapped exemptions, credits and discounts in mind. These allow students with past study experience or existing qualifications to save both time and money. Not sure what you’re entitled to? Don’t worry, this week’s blog gives you a quick run-down of what we offer.   If you’ve already.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 25th Feb 2016

How much is an online degree worth? Does £500,000 sound about right?

Choosing to invest in your education can sometimes feel like a gamble; will the amount spent on fees actually result in a higher-paid job? The good news for those considering starting a degree is that it almost certainly will. The latest studies now show that “jobseekers without a degree could earn up to £12,000 a year less than their graduate.... Read more

Caroline Bluemel 22nd Jan 2016