Courses at University of Essex Online have been created with a number of pre-mapped exemptions, credits and discounts in mind. These allow students with past study experience or existing qualifications to save both time and money. Not sure what you’re entitled to? Don’t worry, this week’s blog gives you a quick run-down of what we offer.


If you’ve already put in the hours and worked hard, we think this should be taken into account. We don’t want a single one of our students to miss out on these fantastic opportunities so our dedicated Admissions team will always guide you through our application process and highlight any discounts you’re entitled to; these fall broadly into two categories: Accreditation of Prior Learning (also known as ‘credit transfer’) and Professional Exemptions…


Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

This type of exemption can be used by anyone who has completed a qualification, or even just certain modules, at a related level and syllabus to one of our courses.

Students with this experience may be able to transfer the credits they’ve gained for these modules onto their University of Essex Online course (provided that the content and learning outcomes are similar!). It’s a win-win scenario for our students who have studied at other institutions as it means that their previous hard work is rewarded and put to good use, while also reducing both their course fee and the time it takes to complete their University of Essex Online qualification.

All our Admissions team will require is a copy of your transcript, learning outcomes and certificate. And if you don’t have these, you can request them from your learning provider up to seven years after you’re awarded them.

Students with a Higher National Diploma (HND), a Foundation degree or two years of a relevant Bachelors degree may also be eligible for one of our Top-up courses. These courses allow students to literally ‘top up’ their existing qualification to a full undergraduate degree.

We currently offer Top-up routes to full Bachelors degrees in Business and Management and Criminal Justice.

Think you might be eligible for APL? Chat with a member of our Admissions team now.